The Captains 12 years old

The final frontier is only the beginning

The Captains

The Captains is a feature length documentary film written and directed by William Shatner. The film follows Shatner as he interviews the other actors whom have portrayed Starship captains within the illustrious science-fiction franchise.


The Captains Cast

Name Character
Patrick Stewart He was 71, now 83 years old as Himself
Chris Pine He was 30, now 43 years old as Himself
Kate Mulgrew She was 56, now 68 years old as Herself
Avery Brooks He was 62, now 75 years old as Himself
William Shatner He was 80, now 93 years old as Himself
Scott Bakula He was 56, now 69 years old as Himself

The Captains Crew

Name Department
The Captains poster
The Captains (12 years)

The final frontier is only the beginning

  • Release day: Friday, July 22, 2011
  • Runtime: 97 minutes