Summer Camp Nightmare 34 years old

It started as a game. Campers against counselors. It turned into a nightmare, that became a revolution.

Summer Camp Nightmare

At Camp North Pines for Boys, the campers, led by the charismatic Franklin Reilly, stage a revolt against the strict owner, Mr. Warren, and lock him and the rest of the counselors up and take over the camp for themselves. But the revolt soon spirals out of control as the boys also lead a takeover of the nearby girls camp as well. Then, Mr. Warren is accidently killed trying to escape. Soon friction happens between the two boys and girls camps, while one camper, a certain Donald Poultry, tries to get the word out and unseat Franklin as the leader.


Chuck Connors
Chuck Connors

Mr. Warren

Tom Fridley
Tom Fridley

John Mason

Adam Carl
Adam Carl

Donald Poultry

Harold Pruett
Harold Pruett

Chris Wade

Chris Hubbell
Chris Hubbell

Jack Caldwell

Rick Fitts
Rick Fitts

Ed Heinz

Summer Camp Nightmare Cast

Name Character
Chuck Connors He was 66, 71 years old when he died as Mr. Warren
Charlie Stratton as Franklin Reilly
Tom Fridley He was 22, now 56 years old as John Mason
Chris Hubbell as Jack Caldwell
Harold Pruett He was 18, 32 years old when he died as Chris Wade
Shirley Mitchell She was 67, 94 years old when she died as Mrs. Knute
Rick Fitts as Ed Heinz
Adam Carl He was 16, now 50 years old as Donald Poultry
Melissa Reeves She was 20, now 54 years old as Heather

Summer Camp Nightmare Crew

Name Department
Christa Reusch as Hairstylist. Costume & Make-Up
Christa Reusch as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
Gary Chase as Original Music Composer. Sound
Penelope Spheeris as Screenplay. She was 41 (now 75) years old Writing
Roger Corman as Executive Producer. He was 61 (now 95) years old Production
Andy Howard as Co-Producer. Production
Robert Crow as Producer. Production
William Butler as Novel. He was 19 (50) years old when He died Writing
Bert L. Dragin as Director. Directing
Bert L. Dragin as Screenplay. Writing
Michael Spence as Editor. He was 43 (now 77) years old Editing
Summer Camp Nightmare poster
Summer Camp Nightmare (34 years)

It started as a game. Campers against counselors. It turned into a nightmare, that became a revolution.

  • Release day: Friday, April 17, 1987
  • Runtime: 89 minutes