Shooting Fish 25 years old

Fat cats are too easy. Go for the big fish.

Shooting Fish

Two con artists hire an unwitting medical-school student (Kate Beckinsale) as a secretary for their latest scam.


Shooting Fish Cast

Name Character
Kate Beckinsale She was 24, now 49 years old as Georgie
Ralph Ineson He was 27, now 52 years old as Mr Ray
Dan Futterman He was 30, now 55 years old as Dylan
Stuart Townsend He was 25, now 49 years old as Jez
Phyllis Logan She was 42, now 66 years old as Mrs Ross
Adam Fogerty He was 29, now 53 years old as Bruiser
Nicholas Woodeson He was 48, now 73 years old as Mr Collyns
Peter Capaldi He was 39, now 64 years old as Mr Gilzean
Jane Lapotaire She was 53, now 77 years old as Dylan's Headmistress
Tom Chadbon He was 52, now 76 years old as Mr Greenaway
Nickolas Grace He was 50, now 75 years old as Mr Stratton-Luce
Tim Stern as Panfield, Jockey
Dominic Mafham He was 30, now 54 years old as Roger
Louis Mahoney He was 58, now 84 years old as Magistrate
Harry Ditson as IRS Man
Annette Crosbie She was 64, now 88 years old as Mrs Cummins
Rowena Cooper She was 62, now 87 years old as Jez's Teacher
Geoffrey Whitehead He was 58, now 83 years old as Horse Owner
Ahmed Khalil He was 6, now 31 years old as Prince Ahmed
David Glover He was 50, 66 years old when he died as Prison Governor
Ronald Markham as Crematorium Vicar
Nicola Duffett She was 34, now 59 years old as Mrs Ray
Claire Cox She was 24, now 48 years old as Floss

Shooting Fish Crew

Name Department
Henry Braham as Director of Photography. He was 32 (now 57) years old Camera
Henry Braham as Music. He was 32 (now 57) years old Sound
Stefan Schwartz as Director. He was 35 (now 59) years old Directing
Stefan Schwartz as Writer. He was 35 (now 59) years old Writing
Shooting Fish poster
Shooting Fish (25 years)

Fat cats are too easy. Go for the big fish.

  • Release day: Friday, August 22, 1997
  • Runtime: 109 minutes
  • Budget: 3000000.00
  • Revenue: 302204.00