Mardi Gras : Spring Break 10 years old

A group of college buddies sow their wild oats in New Orleans.

Mardi Gras : Spring Break

For three college guys, it’s senior year and the co-ed experience has left them high and dry. Their solution: A road trip to Mardi Gras, where beautiful babes are happy to lift their shirts and open containers are always welcome. But after dressing in drag, breaking into Carmen Electra’s hotel room, starring in a scandalous sex show and accidentally exploding a feces bomb in a swank hotel lobby, will the Mardi Gras magic kick in and their wildest fantasies come true?


Mardi Gras : Spring Break Cast

Name Character
Nicholas D'Agosto He was 31, now 42 years old as Mike
Josh Gad He was 30, now 41 years old as Bump
Carmen Electra She was 39, now 50 years old as Herself
Regina Hall She was 40, now 51 years old as Ann Marie
Gary Grubbs He was 61, now 72 years old as Mr Duluth
Arielle Kebbel She was 26, now 37 years old as Lucy
Stephanie Honoré She was 27, now 38 years old as Bourbon Street Girl #1
Brandi Coleman She was 29, now 40 years old as Lucy's Friend
Danneel Ackles She was 32, now 43 years old as Erica
J. Omar Castro He was 36, now 47 years old as Hotel Security Guard
Rolexis Delaney as FH Girl
Madison Dylan She was 61, now 72 years old as Girl #1
Michael Beasley He was 22, now 33 years old as Maxim Bouncer
Jon Eyez as Carmens Bodyguard
Bret Harrison He was 29, now 40 years old as Scottie Smith
Marcelle Baer as Oyster Girl #1
Jessica Heap She was 28, now 39 years old as Oyster Chick
Leslie-Anne Huff She was 27, now 37 years old as Girl #2
Denise Williamson as Samantha
Mike Mayhall as The Jester
Josh Heald as Parade Heckler
Mikki Val as Laura / Hotel Desk Clerk
Holly Ladnier as Bar Patron
Crevita Tamille Brown as FH Girl
Danni Lang as Maxim Model
Jessica Ritchie as Spoiled Girl
Angela Shelton She was 38, now 49 years old as Costume Girl
Natalie Nicole as FH Girl Team #1
Jessie O'Donohue She was 31, now 41 years old as Cousin Janine
David Joseph Martinez as Chateau Burgundy Security
Tyler Cross He was 26, now 37 years old as Penn State Dude
Daniel Garza He was 26, now 37 years old as Maxim Party Goer - Mariachi
Luke Madsen as Worm
Nicolette O'Connor as Sorority girl / party girl
Lauren Fain as Hot Waitress
Jason Mulcahy as The Maître D
Jewel Grosch as Maxim Party Girl
Courtney J. Clark as Penn State Student #2
Jeremy Evan Kerr as Maxim Bartender
Kim Vu as Penn State Student #1
Malcom Adams as Hotel Guest
Stephen Gabriel as Frat Boy #1
Kevin Gould as Valet
Summer Lee She was 23, now 34 years old as Oyster Girl
JT Alexander as Tropical Isle Guy
Tracey Rea as Maxim Girl
Don Lincoln He was 47, now 58 years old as Man against the Wall
Antoine Spillers as Party Goer - The Jester
Dan Levy He was 30, now 41 years old as Frat House MC
Deanna Meske as Party Guest
Matt Wool as Tropical Isle Guy
Julin Jean as Sarah
Sharon K. London as Michelle
Dominique DuVernay as Maxim Girl
Nick Reasons as Erica's Friend
Erica Drummond as FH girl team 1#
Sara Blanche as MC's Girlfriend
Leon Contavesprie as Royal Monaco Concierge
Sean Shyboy Davis as Cop
Becky O'Donohue She was 31, now 41 years old as Cousin Janice
Genevieve Guzchack as Domonique
Matt Moore He was 123, 72 years old when he died as Jonathan
Brandy Moon as College Student
Cecilia Carcamo as Hot Maxim Bartender Girl
Victor Tijerino as Valet

Mardi Gras : Spring Break Crew

Name Department
Carol Ramsey as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Thomas E. Ackerman as Director of Photography. He was 63 (now 73) years old Camera
Armyan Bernstein as Producer. He was 11 (now 22) years old Production
Zanne Devine as Producer. Production
Charlie Lyons as Producer. Production
Stephen J. Lineweaver as Production Design. He was 56 (now 66) years old Art
Catherine Stroud as Casting. Production
Toni Cobb Brock as Casting. Production
Sally Allen as Casting. Production
Marcus Miller as Original Music Composer. He was 52 (now 63) years old Sound
Trae Ireland as Post-Production Manager. He was 33 (now 44) years old Crew
Josh Heald as Writer. Writing
Peter Jaysen as Producer. Production
Christian McLaughlin as Producer. He was 43 (now 54) years old Production
Yvonne Yaconelli as Production Manager. Production
Mark Scheib as Editor. He was 44 (now 54) years old Editing
Jay Froberg as Executive Producer. Production
Gregory Lessans as Producer. Production
Josh Shader as Producer. Production
Phil Dornfeld as Director. Directing
Tim Cohn as Set Decoration. Art
Greg Suess as Executive Producer. Production
Jared Faber as Music. Sound
Luci Leary as Set Decoration. Art
Nikki I Brown as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
Samantha M. Capps as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
Sherri Hamilton as Hairstylist. Costume & Make-Up
Stacy Kelly as Makeup Department Head. Costume & Make-Up
Darryl Lucas as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
Kent Richard as Hairstylist. Costume & Make-Up
Lotus Seki as Hairstylist. Costume & Make-Up
Aimee Stuit as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
Larry Waggoner as Makeup Department Head. Costume & Make-Up
Amy Wood as Hairstylist. She was 44 (now 55) years old Costume & Make-Up
Edith Leblanc as Production Manager. Production
Bill Wohlken as Production Controller. Crew
Mardi Gras : Spring Break poster
Mardi Gras : Spring Break (10 years)

A group of college buddies sow their wild oats in New Orleans.

  • Release day: Friday, September 23, 2011
  • Runtime: 88 minutes