Lost Junction 21 years old

A Dangerous Love Affair. A Lethal Deception.

Lost Junction

A hitchhiker gets a ride with an oddball woman who has her husband's body in the trunk of the car.


Lost Junction Cast

Name Character
Billy Burke He was 36, now 57 years old as Jimmy McGee
Neve Campbell She was 29, now 50 years old as Missy Lofton
Jake Busey He was 31, now 53 years old as Matt
Carlin Glynn She was 62, now 84 years old as Waitress
Michel Perron He was 50, now 71 years old as Shorty
Kwasi Songui as Bartender
Amy Sloan She was 24, now 46 years old as Teller
Minor Mustain as State Trooper Bob
Matt O'Toole as State Trooper Stan
Joel Miller He was 14, now 35 years old as Doc
Norm Berketa He was 39, now 60 years old as Mr. Thompson
Charles Powell He was 39, now 61 years old as Porter
Mariah Inger as Cassie
David Gow He was 46, now 67 years old as Sheriff Frank

Lost Junction Crew

Name Department
Peter C. Frank as Editor. He was 3 (now 24) years old Editing
Ronnie Yeskel as Casting. Production
Normand Corbeil as Original Music Composer. He was 46 (56) years old when He died Sound
Thomas Burstyn as Director of Photography. He was 49 (now 70) years old Camera
Peter Masterson as Director. He was 68 (now 90) years old Directing
Matt O'Toole as Producer. Production
Michael Mailer as Producer. He was 39 (now 60) years old Production
Daniel Bigel as Producer. He was 37 (now 58) years old Production
Chris Connolly as Producer. He was 39 (now 61) years old Production
Rosina Bucci as Casting. Production
Micheline Garant as Line Producer. Production
Jeff Cole as Producer. Production
Jeff Cole as Writer. Writing
Harvey Rochman as Producer. Production
John Meighen as Production Design. Art
Lost Junction poster
Lost Junction (21 years)

A Dangerous Love Affair. A Lethal Deception.

  • Release day: Friday, February 14, 2003
  • Runtime: 95 minutes