Live Die Repeat and Repeat new born

Plot unknown. The follow-up to 2014s 'Edge of Tomorrow'.


All Cast

Name Character
Tom Cruise He was 24, now 58 years old as Maj. William "Bill" Cage
Emily Blunt She was 38, now 38 years old as Sergeant Rita Vrataski


Name Department
Erwin Stoff as Producer. He was 35 (now 69) years old Production
Christopher McQuarrie as Screenstory. He was 54 (now 52) years old Writing
Doug Liman as Director. He was 51 (now 55) years old Directing
Doug Liman as Producer. He was 55 (now 55) years old Production
Anna Waterhouse as Writer. Writing
Live Die Repeat and Repeat (0 years)

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