Doomsday 16 years old

Mankind has an expiration date.


The lethal Reaper virus spreads throughout Britain—infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands. Authorities brutally and successfully quarantine the country but, three decades later, the virus resurfaces in a major city. An elite group of specialists is urgently dispatched into the still-quarantined country to retrieve a cure by any means necessary. Shut off from the rest of the world, the unit must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare.


Doomsday Cast

Name Character
Bob Hoskins He was 65, 71 years old when he died as Bill Nelson
Rhona Mitra She was 31, now 47 years old as Eden Sinclair
Alexander Siddig He was 42, now 58 years old as Prime Minister John Hatcher
David O'Hara He was 42, now 58 years old as Michael Canaris
Rick Warden He was 36, now 52 years old as Chandler
Emma Cleasby as Katherine Sinclair
MyAnna Buring She was 28, now 44 years old as Cally Kane
Martin Compston He was 23, now 39 years old as Joshua
Malcolm McDowell He was 64, now 80 years old as Dr. Marcus Kane
Axelle Carolyn She was 28, now 45 years old as Drop Dead Girl / Podium Marauder #1
Jason Cope He was 8, now 24 years old as Wall Guard
Cal Macaninch He was 39, now 55 years old as Chancellor Falco
Jeremy Crutchley as Richter
Sean Pertwee He was 43, now 59 years old as Dr. Talbot
Adrian Lester He was 39, now 55 years old as Sergeant Norton
Craig Conway He was 22, now 38 years old as Sol Kane
Chris Wilson She was 49, 60 years old when she died as London Refuge (uncredited)
Benedict Carver He was 38, now 54 years old as Podium Marauder #2
Darren Morfitt He was 34, now 50 years old as Dr. Stirling
Nathalie Boltt She was 34, now 50 years old as Jane Harris
Nora-Jane Noone She was 24, now 40 years old as Read
Paul Hyett as Hot Dog Victim
DTeflon as DDS Guard #2 (uncredited)
Porteus Xandau as DJ
Cokey Falkow as Captain Hendrix
Tyrell Kemlo as Pit Audience Member
Nicholas Pauling as Cellar Jailer
Az Abrahams as Pin Stripe
Susan Danford as Command Centre Official
Karl Thaning He was 30, now 46 years old as Pilot
John Carson He was 81, 89 years old when he died as George Dutton
Eloise Cupido as Afro Girl
Leslie Simpson She was 78, now 94 years old as Carpenter
Cecil Carter as DDS Assault Trooper
Stephen Hughes He was 55, now 71 years old as Soldier #1 / Johnson
Chris Robson He was 36, now 52 years old as Miller

Doomsday Crew

Name Department
Peter McAleese as Executive Producer. He was 65 (now 81) years old Production
Andrew MacRitchie as Editor. Editing
Jonathan Hely-Hutchinson as Art Direction. Art
Julia Dehoff as Assistant Art Director. Art
Mags Horspool as Art Direction. Art
Juanette Van Der Merwe as Hairstylist. Costume & Make-Up
Juanette Van Der Merwe as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
Steve Carter as Supervising Art Director. He was 78 (now 94) years old Art
Jeff Abberley as Executive Producer. Production
Julia Blackman as Executive Producer. Production
Giulio Biccari as Second Unit Cinematographer. Crew
Sam McCurdy as Director of Photography. He was 58 (now 74) years old Camera
Trevor Macy as Executive Producer. Production
Zoe Smith as Set Decoration. She was 13 (now 29) years old Art
Neil Marshall as Director. He was 37 (now 53) years old Directing
Neil Marshall as Writer. He was 37 (now 53) years old Writing
Marc D. Evans as Executive Producer. Production
Benedict Carver as Producer. He was 38 (now 54) years old Production
Rob Inch as Stunt Coordinator. Crew
Peter Burgis as Foley. Sound
Andy Hague as Visual Effects Editor. Crew
Carole Sheridan as Executive Producer. Production
Hal Couzens as Visual Effects Supervisor. Visual Effects
Axelle Carolyn as Makeup Effects. She was 28 (now 45) years old Crew
Andy Thomson as Art Direction. Art
Greg Morgenstein as Music Editor. Sound
Peter Field as Second Unit Cinematographer. Crew
Simon Bowles as Production Design. He was 37 (now 53) years old Art
Paul Hyett as Makeup Effects. Crew
Cordell McQueen as Stunt Coordinator. Crew
Doomsday poster
Doomsday (16 years)

Mankind has an expiration date.

  • Release day: Friday, March 14, 2008
  • Runtime: 108 minutes
  • Budget: 30000000.00
  • Revenue: 22472631.00