Cows (Vacas) 32 years old


A film set in the Basque region, beginning in the Carlist war of 1875 and ending during the Spanish Civil war of 1936. The film portrays how one single act of cowardice shapes the life of the next three generations of two families and fuels the intense rivalry which will span the next sixty-one years.


Cows Cast

Name Character
Emma Suárez She was 27, now 59 years old as Cristina
Kandido Uranga He was 36, now 68 years old as Carmelo/Juan
Carmelo Gómez He was 30, now 62 years old as Manuel, Ignacio and Peru Irigibel
Karra Elejalde He was 31, now 63 years old as Ilegorri/Lucas
Ramón Barea He was 42, now 74 years old as Juez
Ana Torrent She was 25, now 57 years old as Catalina
Klara Badiola She was 37, now 69 years old as Madalen (als Clara Badiola)
Magdalena Mikolajczyk as Daughter as a child
Pilar Bardem She was 52, now 85 years old as Paulina
Ortzi Balda as Ilegorri/Lucas as a child
Ane Sánchez as Cristina as a child
Enara Azkue as Daughter as a child
Txema Blasco He was 50, now 82 years old as Manuel
Elisabeth Ruiz as Old Daughter
Miguel Ángel García He was 31, now 63 years old as Peru as a child

Cows Crew

Name Department
Carles Gusi as Director of Photography. Camera
María Elena Sáinz de Rozas as Editor. Editing
Michel Gaztambide as Screenplay. Writing
Fernando de Garcillán as Executive Producer. Production
Alberto Iglesias as Music. He was 37 (now 69) years old Sound
Julio Medem as Director. He was 33 (now 65) years old Directing
Julio Medem as Screenplay. He was 33 (now 65) years old Writing
José Luis Olaizola as Executive Producer. He was 64 (now 96) years old Production
Cows poster
Cows (32 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, February 26, 1992
  • Runtime: 96 minutes