Burlesque 12 years old

It takes a legend... to make a star


The Burlesque Lounge has its best days behind it. Tess, a retired dancer and owner of the venue, struggles to keep the aging theater alive, facing all kinds of financial and artistic challenges. With the Lounge's troupe members becoming increasingly distracted by personal problems and a threat coming from a wealthy businessman's quest to buy the spot from Tess, the good fortune seems to have abandoned the club altogether. Meanwhile, the life of Ali, a small-town girl from Iowa, is about to change dramatically. Hired by Tess as a waitress at the Lounge, Ali escapes a hollow past and quickly falls in love with the art of burlesque. Backed by newfound friends amongst the theater's crew, she manages to fulfill her dreams of being on stage herself. Things take a dramatic turn though when Ali's big voice makes her become the main attraction of the venue.


Burlesque Cast

Name Character
Kristen Bell She was 30, now 42 years old as Nikki
Dianna Agron She was 24, now 37 years old as Natalie
Michael Landes He was 38, now 50 years old as Greg
Stanley Tucci He was 50, now 62 years old as Sean
Alan Cumming He was 45, now 58 years old as Alexis
James Brolin He was 70, now 82 years old as Mr. Anderson
Christina Aguilera She was 29, now 42 years old as Alice "Ali" Rose
Julianne Hough She was 22, now 34 years old as Georgia
Denise Faye She was 47, now 59 years old as Preacher
Isabella Hofmann She was 51, now 64 years old as Loretta
Eric Dane He was 38, now 50 years old as Marcus Gerber
Chelsea Traille She was 25, now 38 years old as Coco
Peter Gallagher He was 55, now 67 years old as Vince Scali
Cam Gigandet He was 28, now 40 years old as Jack Miller
Cher She was 64, now 77 years old as Tess
Wendy Benson-Landes She was 39, now 51 years old as Marla
Glynn Turman He was 63, now 76 years old as Harold Saint
David Walton He was 32, 40 years old when he died as Mark DJ
Blair Redford He was 27, now 39 years old as James / Bumper Band Member
Stephen Lee He was 36, 39 years old when he died as Dwight
Gwen Van Dam as Curler Woman at Grundy Bus Stop
Allison Kyler She was 28, now 41 years old as Dancer
Katerina Mikailenko as Brittany
Tyne Stecklein She was 22, now 34 years old as Jesse
Terrence Jenkins He was 28, now 41 years old as Dave
Jonathon Trent He was 26, now 38 years old as Damon / Bumper Band Member
Tanee McCall She was 29, now 42 years old as Scarlett

Burlesque Crew

Name Department
John Papsidera as Casting. Production
John Frazier as Special Effects Supervisor. He was 37 (now 49) years old Visual Effects
Bojan Bazelli as Director of Photography. He was 53 (now 65) years old Camera
Jon Gary Steele as Production Design. Art
Virginia Katz as Editor. She was 60 (now 73) years old Editing
Todd Bozung as Supervising Music Editor. Sound
Donald De Line as Producer. Production
Chris Cornwell as Art Direction. Art
Buck Damon as Music Supervisor. Sound
Steve Antin as Director. He was 52 (now 65) years old Directing
Steve Antin as Writer. He was 52 (now 65) years old Writing
Burlesque poster
Burlesque (12 years)

It takes a legend... to make a star

  • Release day: Tuesday, November 23, 2010
  • Runtime: 119 minutes
  • Budget: 55000000.00
  • Revenue: 89519773.00