Bomb at 10:10 (Bomba u 10 i 10) 54 years old

An American pilot escapes from a POW camp and links up with Yugoslav partisans. He’s about to head back to Allied lines when he learns that the Partisans are plotting to assassinate the camp commander. He joins in the plot, aiming for revenge.


George Montgomery
George Montgomery

Steve Corbett

Pavle Vuisić
Pavle Vuisić

Man with the glasses

Phil Brown
Phil Brown

professor Pilić

Ljuba Tadić
Ljuba Tadić


Bomb at 10:10 Cast

Name Character
George Montgomery He was 50, 84 years old when he died as Steve Corbett
Phil Brown He was 8, 46 years old when he died as professor Pilić
Ingrid Lotarius as Mira
Aleksandar Gavrić He was 35, 40 years old when he died as Dragan
Pavle Vuisić He was 41, 62 years old when he died as Man with the glasses
Ljuba Tadić He was 38, 76 years old when he died as Andrey
Rada Đuričin He was 33, now 87 years old as Pia

Bomb at 10:10 Crew

Name Department
Bomb at 10:10 poster
Bomb at 10:10 (54 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, July 12, 1967
  • Runtime: 83 minutes