Beyond the Bermuda Triangle 48 years old

Beyond the Bermuda Triangle

A retired businessman notices that there has been a rash of ships and planes disappearing off the Florida coast, and he starts to investigate.


Beyond the Bermuda Triangle Cast

Name Character
Sam Groom He was 37, now 85 years old as Jed Horn
Donna Mills She was 34, now 83 years old as Claudia
Fred MacMurray He was 67, 83 years old when he died as Harry Ballinger
Dan White He was 29, 39 years old when he died as Caldas
Dana Plato She was 10, 34 years old when she died as Wendy
Susanne Reed as Jill (as Suzanne Reed)
Richard O'Barry as Doyle
Woody Woodbury He was 51, now 100 years old as Borden
John DiSanti He was 37, now 86 years old as Linder
Frank Schuller as Frank

Beyond the Bermuda Triangle Crew

Name Department
Gayne Rescher as Cinematography. He was 50 (83) years old when He died Crew
Harry Sukman as Original Music Composer. He was 62 (72) years old when He died Sound
William A. Graham as Director. He was 49 (87) years old when He died Directing
Lynn Stalmaster as Casting. He was 48 (now 96) years old Production
Lynette Bernay as Casting Assistant. She was 44 (77) years old when She died Production
Michael S. McLean as Editor. He was 32 (now 81) years old Editing
Beyond the Bermuda Triangle poster
Beyond the Bermuda Triangle (48 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, November 06, 1975
  • Runtime: 74 minutes