Amores Perros (Amores perros) 22 years old

Love. Betrayal. Death.

Amores Perros

A horrific car accident connects three stories, each involving characters dealing with loss, regret, and life's harsh realities, all in the name of love.


Amores Perros Cast

Name Character
Vanessa Bauche She was 28, now 50 years old as Susana
Alvaro Guerrero as Daniel
Rosa María Bianchi She was 53, now 75 years old as Tía Luisa
Goya Toledo She was 31, now 53 years old as Valeria
Gael García Bernal He was 22, now 44 years old as Octavio
Emilio Echevarría He was 56, now 78 years old as El Chivo
Jorge Salinas He was 32, now 54 years old as Luis
Dagoberto Gama He was 41, now 63 years old as Alvaro
Mauricio Martínez He was 8, now 30 years old as Judicial
Adriana Barraza She was 45, now 67 years old as Mama Octavio
Lourdes Echevarría as Maru
Humberto Busto He was 22, now 44 years old as Jorge
Gerardo Campbell as Mauricio
Dunia Saldívar She was 58, 73 years old when she died as Mama Susana
Laura Almela as Julieta
Patricio Castillo He was 27, now 49 years old as Doctor
José Sefami as Leonardo
Marco Pérez He was 10, now 32 years old as Ramiro
Gustavo Sánchez Parra He was 34, now 56 years old as Jarocho
Roberto Medina He was 32, now 55 years old as Conductor de T.V.
Rodrigo Murray as Gustavo
Carlos Samperio as Hombre deshuesadero

Amores Perros Crew

Name Department
Luis Carballar as Editor. Editing
Fernando Pérez Unda as Editor. Editing
Vicente Leñero as Thanks. He was 67 (81) years old when He died Crew
Carlos Cuarón as Thanks. He was 34 (now 56) years old Crew
Federico González Compeán as Thanks. Crew
Mónica Lozano as Associate Producer. Production
Martha Sosa Elizondo as Executive Producer. Production
Rodrigo Cortés as Thanks. He was 27 (now 50) years old Crew
Alejandro González Iñárritu as Director. He was 37 (now 59) years old Directing
Alejandro González Iñárritu as Editor. He was 37 (now 59) years old Editing
Alejandro González Iñárritu as Producer. He was 37 (now 59) years old Production
Guillermo Arriaga as Producer. He was 43 (now 65) years old Production
Guillermo Arriaga as Author. He was 43 (now 65) years old Writing
Rodrigo Prieto as Director of Photography. He was 36 (now 58) years old Camera
Gustavo Santaolalla as Original Music Composer. He was 49 (now 71) years old Sound
Antonio Vega as Original Music Composer. He was 43 (51) years old when He died Sound
Brigitte Broch as Production Design. She was 57 (now 79) years old Art
Guillermo del Toro as Editorial Coordinator. He was 36 (now 58) years old Editing
Alfonso Cuarón as Thanks. He was 39 (now 61) years old Crew
Gerardo Albarrán as Stunts. Crew
Antonio Serrano as Thanks. He was 45 (now 68) years old Crew
Simon Bross as Thanks. He was 41 (now 63) years old Crew
Carlos Bolado as Editorial Manager. He was 36 (now 59) years old Editing
Adrian Grunberg as Second Unit. He was 25 (now 48) years old Crew
Adrian Grunberg as Assistant Director. He was 25 (now 48) years old Directing
Héctor Suárez as Thanks. He was 61 (now 84) years old Crew
Juan Carlos Rulfo as Thanks. He was 36 (now 59) years old Crew
Tita Lombardo as Production Manager. She was 44 (now 67) years old Production
Manuel Teil as Casting. He was 42 (now 65) years old Production
Daniel Hidalgo as Music. He was 17 (now 40) years old Sound
Alfredo Joskowicz as Thanks. He was 62 (74) years old when He died Crew
Pelayo Gutiérrez as Producer. He was 30 (now 53) years old Production
Gabriela Diaque as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Carlos Hidalgo as Assistant Director. Directing
Lynn Fainchtein as Music Supervisor. Sound
José Luis García Agraz as Thanks. He was 47 (now 70) years old Crew
Raúl Olvera Ferrer as Producer. Production
Francisco González Compeán as Executive Producer. Production
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Amores Perros (22 years)

Love. Betrayal. Death.

  • Release day: Friday, June 16, 2000
  • Runtime: 154 minutes
  • Budget: 2000000.00
  • Revenue: 20908467.00