A Christmas Carol 14 years old

Season's Greedings

A Christmas Carol

Miser Ebenezer Scrooge is awakened on Christmas Eve by spirits who reveal to him his own miserable existence, what opportunities he wasted in his youth, his current cruelties, and the dire fate that awaits him if he does not change his ways. Scrooge is faced with his own story of growing bitterness and meanness, and must decide what his own future will hold: death or redemption.


A Christmas Carol Cast

Name Character
Jim Carrey He was 47, now 62 years old as Scrooge / Ghost of Christmas Past / Scrooge as a Young Boy / Scrooge as a Teenage Boy / Scrooge as a Young Man / Scrooge as a Middle Aged Man / Ghost of Christmas Present / Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Gary Oldman He was 51, now 66 years old as Bob Cratchit / Marley / Tiny Tim
Robin Wright She was 43, now 58 years old as Fan / Belle
Colin Firth He was 49, now 63 years old as Fred
Bob Hoskins He was 67, 71 years old when he died as Fezziwig / Old Joe
Cary Elwes He was 47, now 61 years old as Portly Gentleman #1 / Dick Wilkins / Mad Fiddler / Guest #2 / Business Man #1
Lesley Manville She was 53, now 68 years old as Mrs. Cratchit
Daryl Sabara He was 17, now 32 years old as Undertaker's Apprentice / Tattered Caroler / Beggar Boy / Peter Cratchit / Well Dressed Caroler
Molly C. Quinn She was 16, now 30 years old as Belinda Cratchit
Tarah Paige She was 27, now 41 years old as Dancer
Callum Blue He was 32, now 46 years old as Caroline's Husband
Ron Bottitta He was 48, now 63 years old as Tattered Caroler / Well Dressed Caroler
Fionnula Flanagan She was 67, now 82 years old as Mrs. Dilber
Paul Blackthorne He was 40, now 55 years old as Guest #3 / Business Man #2
Steve Valentine He was 43, now 57 years old as Funerary Undertaker / Topper
Raymond Ochoa He was 8, now 22 years old as Caroline's Child
Fay Masterson She was 35, now 50 years old as Martha Cratchit / Guest #1 / Caroline
Ryan Ochoa He was 13, now 28 years old as Tattered Caroler / Beggar Boy / Young Cratchit Boy / Ignorance Boy / Young Boy with Sleigh
Julene Renee as Adult Want
Sammi Hanratty She was 14, now 28 years old as Beggar Boy / Young Cratchit Girl / Want Girl
Leslie Zemeckis She was 40, now 55 years old as Fred's Wife
Julian Holloway He was 65, now 79 years old as Fat Cook / Portly Gentleman #2 / Business Man #3
Beckie King as Dancer
Sonje Fortag as Well Dressed Caroler / Fred's Housemaid
Matthew Henerson as Poulterer
Bobbi Page as Tattered Caroler / Well Dressed Caroler
Sage Ryan as Tattered Caroler
Amber Gainey Meade as Tattered Caroler / Well Dressed Caroler
Jacquie Barnbrook She was 44, now 59 years old as Mrs. Fezziwig / Fred's Sister-In-Law / Well Dressed Caroler

A Christmas Carol Crew

Name Department
Charles Dickens as Novel. He was 197 (58) years old when He died Writing
Tom Johnson as Sound Re-Recording Mixer. He was 9 (now 24) years old Sound
Dennie Thorpe as Foley. Sound
Jana Vance as Foley. Sound
William Ross as Orchestrator. He was 61 (now 75) years old Sound
Dennis Leonard as Supervising Sound Editor. He was 58 (now 73) years old Sound
Pat Banta as Stunts. Crew
Roel Robles as Character Designer. Visual Effects
Richard F. Mays as Set Designer. Art
Nina Gold as Casting. She was 42 (now 57) years old Production
Robert Presley as Director of Photography. Camera
Jeremiah O'Driscoll as Editor. Editing
Tegan Taylor as Makeup Department Head. Costume & Make-Up
Dermot Power as Costume Design. He was 42 (now 57) years old Costume & Make-Up
Peter M. Tobyansen as Line Producer. Production
Scott Herbertson as Assistant Art Director. Art
Carin-Anne Strohmaier as Visual Effects Editor. Crew
Steven J. Boyd as Co-Producer. Production
Robert Jackson as Boom Operator. He was 63 (8) years old when He died Sound
David H. Venghaus, Jr. as First Assistant Director. Directing
Robert Zemeckis as Director. He was 57 (now 72) years old Directing
Robert Zemeckis as Screenplay. He was 57 (now 72) years old Writing
Steve Starkey as Producer. He was 9 (now 24) years old Production
William B. Kaplan as Production Sound Mixer. He was 9 (now 24) years old Sound
Bill Corso as Makeup Artist. He was 9 (now 24) years old Costume & Make-Up
Brad Allan as Stunts. He was 36 (now 51) years old Crew
Karen O'Hara as Set Decoration. She was 9 (now 24) years old Art
Jack Rapke as Producer. Production
Jonathan Null as Supervising ADR Editor. Sound
Bob Brown as Stunts. He was 64 (now 79) years old Crew
Sammy Pasha as Actor's Assistant. Crew
Mark Ginther as Stunts. He was 46 (now 61) years old Crew
Randy Thom as Sound Re-Recording Mixer. He was 9 (now 24) years old Sound
Randy Thom as Sound Designer. He was 9 (now 24) years old Sound
Conrad Pope as Orchestrator. He was 9 (now 24) years old Sound
Brendan Donnison as ADR Voice Casting. Production
Andy Owen as Stunts. Crew
Michael Lantieri as Special Effects Supervisor. He was 55 (now 69) years old Visual Effects
Brian Simpson as Stunts. He was 56 (now 71) years old Crew
John Scott as Camera Operator. He was 79 (61) years old when He died Camera
Jake McKinnon as Motion Capture Artist. Crew
Webster Colcord as Animation. Visual Effects
Garrett Warren as Stunt Coordinator. Crew
Susan Germaine as Hair Designer. Costume & Make-Up
Linda Fields as Associate Producer. Production
Norman Newberry as Art Direction. Art
Robert Sterne as Casting Assistant. Production
Michael Parks as Animation. He was 69 (77) years old when He died Visual Effects
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A Christmas Carol (14 years)

Season's Greedings

  • Release day: Wednesday, November 04, 2009
  • Runtime: 94 minutes
  • Budget: 200000000.00
  • Revenue: 325286646.00