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Andrew Siwicki, 27 Instagram Star
FlightReacts, 24 YouTube Star
Daz Black, 34 YouTube Star
Ti Taylor, 21 Rapper
Sidney Crosby, 32 Canadian ice hockey centre
Brett Gray, 23 TV Actor
Ava Clark, 15 TikTok Star
Charlize Theron, 44 Film actress and producer former fashion model
DeMar DeRozan, 30 American basketball player
Fedmyster, 24 Twitch Star
Jimmy Summerall IV, 24 Instagram Star
Michael Holt, 41 YouTube Star
MicroGuardian, 24 YouTube Star
Chandler Wilson, 21 YouTube Star
Max Pavlinov, 27 YouTube Star
Michael Luzzi, 20 YouTube Star
Nic Wallace, 19 Instagram Star
Kyler Murray, 22 Football Player
Bongyoung Park, 28 Choreographer
Jayde Pierce, 24 Instagram Star
Chanelle Standifer, 10 Instagram Star
Tina O'Brien, 36 Soap Opera Actress
Jada Cacchilli, 34 Reality Star
Bruce Dickinson, 61 English singer
Rick Genest, 32 Canadian model and actor
Carlos Vives, 58 Colombian musician
TheShooterCoC, 20 YouTube Star
Jalen Hurts, 21 Football Player
Maggie Wheeler, 58 Actress
David Duchovny, 59 American actor
Helen Flanagan, 29 English actress and model
Jem Wolfie, 28 Fitness Instructor
Josh Franceschi, 29 English singer-songwriter
Pepe Aguilar, 51 American musician
Evaluna Montaner, 22 Pop Singer
Taylor Johnson, 19 Instagram Star
Louis Rei, 29 Rapper
BlueEyedJackson, 16 YouTube Star
Happy Angi, 20 Instagram Star
Tobin Bell, 77 American actor
Chico Benymon, 45 American actor
Carl Switzer, 31 Actor
Abbie Cornish, 37 Australian actress
Gianni Cardinale, 19 Pop Singer
Karen Clifford, 44
Kelly Eden, 30 Instagram Star
Liam James, 23 A teenage Canadian actor.
Jayk Purdy, 28 Pop Singer
Reagan Martin, 14 Dancer
Zeke Official Tumblers, 17 YouTube Star