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Paul Walker, 40 American actor
Tiny Tim, 64 Actor
Oscar Wilde, 46 Irish writer
Frank Cooper, 41 YouTube Star
Evel Knievel, 69 Motorcycle Daredevil
Jim Nabors, 87 American actor and singer
Gertrude Ederle, 98 American swimmer Olympic gold medalist former world record-holder
Ian Crawford, 19 Guitarist
Roger Rodas, 38 Business Executive
Heather North, 66 American actor
Kuldeep Manak, 62 World Music Singer
Winifred Lawson, 69 Singer and actress
Pete Rodriguez, 74 American football coach
Maria Nina Ricci, 87 Fashion Designer
Eric Thompson, 53 British actor
Fernando Pessoa, 47 Portuguese poet and writer
Zeppo Marx, 78 comedian
Paul Crouch, 79 American broadcster
Arthur Currie, 57 Canadian general
Walter Inglis Anderson, 62 American artist
Shigeru Mizuki, 93 Japanese manga artist
Asim Butt, 42 Cricket Player
Ruth Clifford, 98 American actor
Alice Drummond, 88 American actress
Bishara Wakim, 59 Egyptian actor
Buck Jones, 50 American actor
Lionel Stander, 86 Actor
Martha Mansfield, 24 Actress
Michael Howard, 78 British politician
Amanda Yu, 12 Model
Shirley Walker, 61 American composer
Hassan Fathy, 89 Egyptian architect
George Headley, 74 Professional cricketer
Yus Bin Edoo, 39 Movie Actor
Surin Pitsuwan, 68 Politician
Pierre Berton, 84 author and journalist
Sam Zemurray, 84 American businessman
Charlie Rouse, 64 American musician
Joyce Grenfell, 69 Actress
Guy Debord, 62 French Marxist theorist writer and filmmaker
Jean Schwartz, 78 songwriter
Ernst Lubitsch, 55 Director
Janet Lewis, 99 Novelist poet
Gari Melchers, 72 American artist
Ahmadou Ahidjo, 65 President of Cameroon
Terence Beesley, 60 Movie Actor
Francis Picabia, 74 French painter
Kathy Acker, 53 American novelist playwright essayist and poet