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Sean Monahan, 26 Canadian ice hockey player
Don Cash, 42 musician record producer
Nick Cross, 49 Canadian animator
Ian Forbes, 40 British admiral
Lara Jean Chorostecki, 36 Canadian actress
Catherine White, 30 British swimmer
Jerome Messam, 35 Player of American and Canadian football
Mike Danton, 40 Canadian ice hockey player
Erin Mielzynski, 30 Canadian alpine skier
Tyler Graovac, 27 Canadian ice hockey players
Rob Maver, 34 Canadian football player
Mike Forbes, 63 Canadian ice hockey player
Michael Cera, 32 Canadian actor
Courtney Stephen, 31 Canadian football player
Peter Corner, 52 Canadian curler
Philip J. Currie, 71 Canadian paleontologist
Kyle Seeback, 49 Canadian politician
Nicole Lyn, 42 Canadian television actress
Tyler Seguin, 28 Canadian ice hockey player
James Yurichuk, 34 Canadian football linebacker
Tamara Tatham, 36 Canadian basketball player
Quillan Roberts, 26 Canadian soccer player
Jason Pitton, 34 Canadian ice hockey player
Alisha Tatham, 35 Canadian basketball player
Rick Nash, 36 ice hockey player
Nathaniel Branden, 84 psychotherapist writer
Atiba Hutchinson, 37 soccer player
Kris Lemche, 42 Canadian actor
Bill Davis, 91 politician
Justin Hodgman, 32 Canadian ice hockey player
Steven Turner, 34 Canadian football player
Shannon Lynn, 35 Scottish footballer
Alessia Cara, 24 R&B Singer
Tory Lanez, 28 Rapper
Tristan Thompson, 29 Basketball Player
Shane Harte, 24 TV Actor
Roy Woods, 24 Rapper
Anthony Bennett, 27 Basketball Player
Brenna O'Brien, 29 Actress
Azalea Hart, 32 YouTube Star
Tyler Labine, 42 Actor
Paulo Costanzo, 42 Canadian actor
Junior Hoilett, 30 Canadian footballer
Doneil Henry, 27 Canadian soccer player
Kyle Labine, 37 actor
Allison Pottinger, 47 American curler
Andrew Bednarski, 44 Actor
Tom Laidlaw, 62 Canadian ice hockey defenceman