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Famous people from Baltimore, United States of America including Adam Duritz, Rudy Gay, Jada Pinkett Smith, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Mel Kiper, Jr., Mel Kiper, Jr. and many more.

Adam Duritz, 57 American musician
Rudy Gay, 35 American basketball player
Jada Pinkett Smith, 50 Actor singer
Ta-Nehisi Coates, 46 American author and editor
Mel Kiper, Jr., 61 American football analyst
Julie Bowen, 51 Actress
Y-Love, 43 Jewish rapper
Stacy Keibler, 42 professional wrestler dancer actress
Melissa Stark, 47 American sports announcer
Todd Gurley, 27 American football player
Mike Rowe, 59 Television personality
Ian Bremmer, 51 American political scientist
Jamal Harrison Bryant, 50 Religious Leader
Kevin Liles, 53 American record executive
Ira Glass, 62 American radio personality
Montel Williams, 65 American talk show host
Sharon Hayes, 51 Canadian politician
Dan Rosen, 57 Screenwriter Film director
Bernie Miklasz, 62 American journalist
Monica Dogra, 38 Indian actor and singer
Ben Cardin, 78 American politician
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, 51 American mayor
Matthew VanDyke, 42 American journalist
Elijah Cummings, 68 American politician
Brandon Novak, 42 American skateboarder
Evan Taubenfeld, 38 American musician
Clara Jeffery, 54 American journalist
Chris West, 71 Author
Mo'Nique, 53 Actress comedians
Steve Wojciechowski, 45 American basketball player and coach
Wayne Schafer, 58 Chef
Barbara Mikulski, 85 American politician
Kevin Levrone, 56 American bodybuilder
Emily Giffin, 49 American writer
Kyle Fuller, 29 American football player
Candice Wiggins, 34 American basketball player
Angel McCoughtry, 35 American basketball player
Utkarsh Ambudkar, 37 American actor
Aquille Carr, 29 American basketball player
Farai Chideya, 52 American journalist
Maggie Sajak, 26 Singer
Betsy Hodges, 52 Minnesota politician
Dontaye Draper, 37 American basketball player
LaQuan Williams, 33 American football player
Will Thomas, 63 American writer
Kyle Harrison, 38 Lacrosse player
Felicia Pearson, 41 Actress author from Baltimore
Muggsy Bogues, 56 American basketball player-coach