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Lata Mangeshkar, 91 Playback singer
Barbara Walters, 91 Journalist television news anchor and talk show host
Buzz Aldrin, 91 Astronaut Fighter pilot
Marc Lalonde, 91 Canadian politician
Arthur Frommer, 91 American Publisher And Writer
Bob Newhart, 91 American stand-up comedian and actor
Alan Eyre, 91 Jamaican geographer
Art Hauser, 91 American football player
Don Barton, 91 American football player
Carlos Guevara, 91 American baseball player
Chris Barber, 91 British musician
Bobby Bowden, 91 American football player and coach
Armando (artist), 91 Dutch artist
Berry Gordy, 91 American record producer
Doug Anthony, 91 Australian politician
Nancy Lyons, 91 Swimmer
Dolores Huerta, 91 American labor leader
Joe Solomon, 91 West Indian cricketer
Margo Glantz, 91 Mexican writer
Louise Slaughter, 91 American politician
George Gekas, 91 American politician
Bob Owens, 91 American football player and coach
Clifford Rose, 91 British actor
D. G. Anderson, 91 American politician
José Vicente Rangel, 91 Venezuelan politician
Dick Button, 91 United States figure skater sports personality actor lawyer
Doug Guy, 91 Australian rules footballer
Mike Reynolds (actor), 91 American actor
Kim Ki-nam, 91 North Korean official.
Eric Carle, 91 American children's illustrator and writer
Jasraj, 91 Indian classical singer
Jack Sears, 91 British racing driver
Ângelo Martins, 91 Footballer
Lima Duarte, 91 Brazilian actor
Connie Hall, 91 American musician
Peter Lamont, 91 Art director
Luiz Ramos, 91 Olympic sailor
Ted Patrick, 91
Ken Gordon, 91 Trinidad and Tobago politician
Alan Rice, 91 English cricketer
Daniel Mullins, 91 Catholic bishop
Marian Ionescu, 91 British cardiac surgeon
Agustín Miranda, 91 Footballer
Don McDermott, 91 Speed skater
Jo Baer, 91 American minimalist artist
Stephen Fabian, 91 American illustrator
Juan Cañete, 91 footballer
Donald Malcolm, 91 British writer