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Ice-T, 63 American musician and actor
Neil deGrasse Tyson, 63 Astrophysicist
John Legere, 63 American businessperson Chief Executive Officer and President of T-Mobile US
Pedro Bial, 63 Brazilian television presenter
Drew Pinsky, 63 Radio and television personality physician addiction medicine specialist
Christiane Amanpour, 63 News anchor and international correspondent
Marina Silva, 63 Brazilian politician
Chris Kamara, 63 Footballer
Alec Baldwin, 63 American actor
Ahsan Iqbal, 63 Pakistani politician
Tony Abbott, 63 Australian politician
Andy Borowitz, 63 Comedian and author
Matt Lauer, 63 American journalist
Andy Stanley, 63 American Christian minister
Louie Giglio, 63 Religious Leader
David Feherty, 63 Professional golfer broadcaster writer
Nichi Vendola, 63 Italian writer-politician
Tim Kaine, 63 American politician
Nancy Lieberman, 63 Basketball player
André Kuipers, 63 Dutch astronaut
Anita Baker, 63 American singer-songwriter
Bruce Campbell, 63 American actor
Nouriel Roubini, 63 American economist
Grant Cardone, 63 Business Executive
Patricia Heaton, 63 American actor
Angela Bassett, 63 American actor
Nigel Slater, 63 British journalsit
Colin Mochrie, 63 Canadian actor
Hilary Rosen, 63 American lobbyist
Andrew Cuomo, 63 American politician
Rocco Papaleo, 63 Actor
Rick Santorum, 63 American politician
Dario Franceschini, 63 lawyer writer and politician
Dan Pavel, 63 Romanian academic writer and politician
Gaspar Llamazares, 63 Spanish Politician
Irvine Welsh, 63 Scottish novelist
Arlindo Cruz, 63 World Music Singer
Hernán Orjuela, 63 Colombian radio DJ and television presenter
Joan Walsh, 63 American journalist
Simon Mayo, 63 British radio presenter
Grace Grace, 63 Australian politician
Jeffrey Guterman, 63 American Psychotherapist
Werner Vogels, 63 Dutch businessman
Dolph Lundgren, 63 Swedish actor
Jerry Crasnick, 63 American sportswriter
Scott Hall, 63 Professional wrestler
Ángel Franco, 63 Professional golfer
Guillermo Arriaga, 63 Mexican film director