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Conan O'Brien, 57 Television personality
Tom Cruise, 57 American actor
Demi Moore, 57 Actress
Felipe Calderón, 57 President of Mexico (2006 – 2012)
Steve Carell, 57 American actor
Adela Micha, 57 Mexican journalist
Alton Brown, 57 food personality cinematographer author television personality and actor
Javier Alatorre, 57 Mexican journalist
Denise Dresser, 57 Mexican political analyst
Nicolás Maduro, 57 Venezuelan President
Rafael Correa, 57 Ecuadorian politician and economist
Patricia Janiot, 57 CNN news presenter Miss Mundo Colombia 1983 Top 15 at Miss World 1984
Andrew Biggs, 57 Journalist and TV personality
Paul Feig, 57 Actor writer film director
Diosdado Cabello, 57 Venezuelan politician
David Pogue, 57 Technology writer journalist and commentator
Nataniël, 57 South African musician
Magaly Medina, 57 Peruvian television presenter
Aznil Nawawi, 57 Malaysian actor
Gilberto Santa Rosa, 57 Puerto Rican musician
Joe Scarborough, 57 American politician
Henry Winter, 57 Journalist
Lydia Cacho, 57 Mexican journalist
Doug James, 57 American football player
Vladdo, 57 Colombian cartoonist
Tom Colicchio, 57 American chef
Ken Rosenthal, 57 American baseball player
Prosenjit Chatterjee, 57 Movie Actor
Desi Anwar, 57 Indonesian news presenter
Chris Fowler, 57 American sportscaster
Kathy Ireland, 57 American model
Bukola Saraki, 57 Nigerian politician
Babatunde Fashola, 57 Nigerian politician
Randy Couture, 57 American martial artist
Eric Fox, 57 American baseball player
Ann Power, 57 Irish lawyer and academic
Manuel Valls, 57 French politician
Tariq Ramadan, 57 Swiss muslim scholar
Jeff Pulver, 57 AMerican businessman
Jonas Gardell, 57 Swedish writer
Larry the Cable Guy, 57 American actor
Alfredo Casero, 57 Argentine actor and musician
Zwelinzima Vavi, 57 South African trade unionist
Bob Odenkirk, 57 American actor and comedian
Michael Waltrip, 57 American stock car racing driver team owner and spokesman
Jose M. Hernandez, 57 American engineer and astronaut
Alaska (singer), 57 Mexican musician
Sukhbir Singh Badal, 57 Indian politician
Akinwunmi Ambode, 57 Nigerian accountant and politician
Jean-Marc Généreux, 57 Ballroom dance champion and choreographer