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Shawn Mendes, 22 Pop Singer
Khalid Donnel Robinson, 23 American singer and songwriter
Abraham Mateo, 22 Spanish actor and singer
Trevor Moran, 22 American musician
Madison Pettis, 23 American actor
China Anne McClain, 22 Actress singer
Paris Jackson, 23 American model
Dylan Sprayberry, 23 American actor
Shania Junianatha, 23 Indonesian singer
Ariel Winter, 23 American actress
Coco Jones, 23 Actress singer
G. Hannelius, 22 Actress
Nolan Gould, 22 American actor
Joelle, 23 British singer
Rachel Crow, 23 American actor and singer
Lucía Gil, 23 Spanish singer actress
Josh Levi, 22 New Zealand rugby union player
Ronan Parke, 22 Singer
Zachary Gordon, 23 American actor
Kieran Goodwin, 23 Swimmer and charity fundraiser
Álex Blanco, 22 Spanish professional footballer
Angelique Sabrina, 23 Bahamian singer
Paris Berelc, 22 Actress
Jaden Smith, 23 American actor rapper and dancer
Haley Pullos, 23 American actress
Gabz, 22 English singer
Devan Leos, 22 Actor
Darcy Rose Byrnes, 22 American actor
Renz Valerio, 22 Filipino actor
Gray Gaulding, 23 American stock car racing driver
Elle Fanning, 23 Child film and television actress sister of Dakota Fanning
Polina Edmunds, 23 American figure skater
Coy Stewart, 23 American actor
Liza Soberano, 23 TV Actress
Ryan Simpkins, 23 American actress
Nam Nguyen, 23 Canadian figure skater
Autumn Rowe, 23 American singer-songwriter
Nash Aguas, 22 Filipino actor
Gabbie Rae, 23 Singer
Jadin Gould, 23 actress
Tiger Onitsuka, 23 Japanese musician
Jakob Chychrun, 23 American ice hockey defenceman
Taylar Hender, 23 Actress
Ella Guevara, 22 Filipino actor
Oliver Stokes, 23 British actor
Nathan Gamble, 23 American actor
Aaron Kearney, 22 Broadcaster and journalist
Robin (singer), 22 Finnish singer