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Alejandro Sanz, 52 Spanish singer
Arvind Kejriwal, 53 Indian politician
Chayanne, 53 Singer actor
Gloria Trevi, 53 Mexican singer-songwriter
Tracy Morgan, 52 American actor
Beto Ortiz, 53 Peruvian writer
Guy Fieri, 53 Television personality and restaurant owner
Angelo Carbone, 53 Italian footballer
Kylie Minogue, 53 pop singer songwriter actress
Abdee Negara, 53 Indonesian musician
Alejandra Guzmán, 53 Mexican actor and singer
Pepe Aguilar, 53 American musician
Marine Le Pen, 53 French politician
Valeriya, 53 Russian singer
Steven Johnson (author), 53 American journalist
Chris Broussard, 52 American basketball player
Butch Jones, 53 Football Coach
Laurel True, 53 American artist
Such (artist), 53 American graffiti artist
Kristin Chenoweth, 53 Actress singer author
Jorge Kahwagi, 53 Mexican politician
Julius Babao, 53 Filipino broadcast journalist
Darren Dreger, 53 Sportscaster
Luis Videgaray Caso, 53 Mexican politician
Michael Cole, 52 American wrestling announcer
Syed Shahnawaz Hussain, 52 Indian politician
Paul F. Tompkins, 53 American actor
Vickie Guerrero, 53 professional wrestling personality and manager
Ömer Çelik, 53 Politician
Adam McKay, 53 American actor comedian and director
William Regal, 53 Professional wrestler
Robert Rodriguez, 53 American film director and producer
Tim Lovejoy, 53 British television presenter
Carolina Ferraz, 53 Brazilian actor
Anis Matta, 52 Indonesian politician
Jorge Enrique Abello, 53 Telenovela actor
Margaret Cho, 52 American stand-up comedian
Michael Weatherly, 53 American actor
Ana María Alvarado, 52 Mexican radio personality
Maurício Lima, 53 Olympic volleyball player of Brazil
Monica Crowley, 53 American conservative pundit and television personality
Santi Millán, 53 Spanish actor
Al Murray, 53 British comedian
Sebastian Bach, 53 Canadian singer
Jorge Gómez, 53 Chilean footballer
Barry Sanders, 53 All-American college football player
Don Orsillo, 52 American sports announcer
Héctor Sandarti, 53 American game show host