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Amitabh Bachchan, 79 Film actor
Mohamed ElBaradei, 79 Egyptian diplomat and the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency
Paul McCartney, 79 English rock musician
Jusuf Kalla, 79 Indonesian politician
José Serra, 79 Brazilian politician
Muhammadu Buhari, 78 Nigerian politician and general
Ahmet Türk, 79 Kurdish politician
Joy Behar, 79 American comedian talk show host/cohost and film/television actress
Caetano Veloso, 79 Singer songwriter composer writer activist
Amjad Hussain, 63 Royal Navy admiral
Sarah Parker, 79 American judge
Vicente Fox, 79 President of Mexico
Andrew Weil, 79 American medical writer
John Ashcroft, 79 American politician
Betsey Johnson, 79 American fashion designer
Paulo Henrique Amorim, 77 Brazilian blogger and journalist
Ghada al-Samman, 79 Writer journalist novelist
Emin Çölaşan, 79
Jacob Zuma, 79 Current African National Congress president.
Sarimah, 79 Malaysian actor
Jejomar Binay, 78 Filipino politician
Barry Kramer, 78 American basketball player
Sam Pitroda, 79 Indian Businessman
Martin Best, 79 Researcher, ORCID Id # 0000-0003-4468-876X
Magic Alex, 79 Electronics engineer security consultant
Alassane Ouattara, 79 Ivorian politician
Billy Connolly, 78 British comedian
Don Cheto, 79 Mexican singer
Woody Paige, 79 American sports columnist
You Ching, 79 Taiwanese poiltcian
Fred Thompson, 73 American politician
Bob Love, 78 American basketball player
Preacher Jack, 79 Pianist
David Gergen, 79 TV Show Host
Stanley Gold, 79 American businessman
Roberto Lavagna, 79 Argentine economist and politician
Horacio Verbitsky, 79 Argentine writer
Isabel Allende, 79 Chilean Novelist
Jerry Jones, 79 American football player executive team owner
Christian Blanc, 79 French politician
Maree Cheatham, 79 American actor
Lee Gold, 79 American writer
Bill Nichols, 79 American historian
José María Íñigo, 75 Spanish broadcaster
Robert Love, 78 American Basketball Player
Derek Edge, 49 Footballer
Colin Green, 79 Footballer
Javier Solana, 79 Spanish politician