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Yoko Ono, 88 Artist
Karl Lagerfeld, 85 German fashion designer
Quincy Jones, 88 Musician conductor producer arranger composer film composer
Óscar Acosta, 81 Writer critic politician diplomat
André Paul, 88 French Theologian
Art Walker, 87 Canadian football player
Louis Farrakhan, 88 American activist
Kiyoshi Kobayashi, 88 Japanese actor
Johnny James, 88 American baseball player
Dianne Feinstein, 88 American politician
Pete Wilson, 88 Politician and United States Marine Corps officer
Kay Arthur, 87 International Bible teacher/four-time ECPA Christian Book Award winning author
Henry B. Eyring, 88 American Mormon leader
Don Read, 87 American football player and coach
Abdullah Ahmad, 83 Journalist and politician
Michel Aoun, 88 Lebanese Army Commander politician
Robert Milli, 86 American actor
Michel Guérard, 88 French chef
Parnelli Jones, 88 American racing driver
Sezai Karakoç, 88 Turkish poet
Michael Rutter, 88 British psychiatrist
Lauro Cruz, 83 American Politician
Robert Gillespie, 43 British actor
Ann Fox, 88 American Nun
María Victoria, 88 Mexican actress singer and comedian
Anthony Bailey (author), 88
Mike Lane, 82 American professional wrestler
Robert Young (director), 88 British director
Nimmi, 88 Indian actor
Drink Small, 88 African American soul blues guitarist singer and songwriter
Irma Serrano, 87 Mexican actor
Jane Elliott, 88 American activist
Jack Spring, 82 American baseball player
Larry King, 87 American television and radio host
Leon Major, 88 Canadian opera and theatre director
Tim Conway, 85 Actor comedian
Milly Scott, 87 Dutch actor
Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, 88 Mexican politician
Rudy Horn, 85
Joan Bakewell, 88 English journalist television presenter and Labour Party Peer
Anne Rogers, 88 English actress singer and dancer
Saleh Al-Fawzan, 88 islamic scholar in Saudi Arabia
Ben Riley, 84 American musician
Philip Zimbardo, 88 American psychologist
Dave Bristol, 88 American baseball player coach manager
Grace Chang, 88 Hong Kong actor and singer
Percy Johnson, 88 Australian rules footballer
John Anderton, 88 Professional footballer