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Lata Mangeshkar, 91 Playback singer
Barbara Walters, 91 Journalist television news anchor and talk show host
Al Alvarez, 90 English poet novelist essayist and critic
Marc Lalonde, 92 Canadian politician
Arthur Frommer, 92 American Publisher And Writer
Bob Newhart, 92 American stand-up comedian and actor
Nico Naldini, 92 Italian film director and writer
Art Hauser, 92 American football player
Dan Jenkins, 89 Sportswriter
Violet Brand, 92 British Educator
Gilbert Morris, 86 American writer
John Conyers, 90 American politician
Audrey Howard, 92 English novelist
Barbara Marx Hubbard, 89 American Writer
Bobby Bowden, 91 American football player and coach
Armando (artist), 92 Dutch artist
Berry Gordy, 91 American record producer
Billy Simpson, 87 Northern Irish footballer
Phil Elliott, 79 British comic book creator
Pedro León Zapata, 92 Venezuelan painter
John Nicks, 92 Figure skater
Doug Anthony, 91 Australian politician
James Egan, 92 Australian artist
Frank Gehry, 92 Pritzker Prize-winning architect
Louise Slaughter, 92 American politician
Eddie Nash, 85 American Mobster
Chespirito, 85 Mexican actor and director
Richard Cracknell, 92 English rugby league player
Whitey Bulger, 89 American mob boss of Winter Hill Gang
Clifford Rose, 91 British actor
Eddie Stobart, 92 Businessperson
José Vicente Rangel, 92 Venezuelan politician
Dick Button, 92 United States figure skater sports personality actor lawyer
James Hong, 92 Actor
Doug Guy, 91 Australian rules footballer
Kim Ki-nam, 92 North Korean official.
Leo Sugar, 92 American football player
Queen Ida, 92 American musician
Eric Carle, 92 American children's illustrator and writer
Ahmed Kathrada, 87 South African politician
Michael D. Coe, 90 American Mesoamericanist
Patricia Wilson, 92 Writer
Bill Huntington, 84 Australian rules footballer
Richard Bass, 86 American mountain climber
Jim Whittaker, 92 American mountaineer
René Valdés, 78 Cuban baseball player
Bob Bass, 89 American basketball coach and executive
Connie Hall, 92 American musician