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Donald Hall, 89 American writer
William Rosen, 90 American bridge player
Adam West, 88 American actor
M. Russell Ballard, 92
T. Boone Pickens, 91 American financier; Chairman BP Capital Management
Ruth Westheimer, 93 American sex therapist
Jean-Marie Le Pen, 93 French politician
Charley Williams, 93 Boxer
Roy Face, 93 American baseball player
Fats Domino, 89 American rhythm and blues and rock and roll pianist and singer-songwriter
Douglas Rain, 90 Canadian actor
James Randi, 93 Magician skeptic writer
Mohammad Ismail, 79 Poet
Majid Nizami, 86 Pakistani journalist
Abu Bakar Ali, 93 Cinematographer
Marion Ross, 92 American actor
Donald Henderson, 93 American physician
Lester Grinspoon, 93 American physician
Willie Hayes, 86 Irish footballer
Edwin Pope, 88 Sportwriter
Helen Wise, 93 American politician
Carlos Rojas, 91 Footballer
Joe Messina, 92 American musician
Martin Davis, 93 American mathematician
Ennio Morricone, 92 Italian composer
Dick Van Patten, 86 American actor
Burt Bacharach, 93 American musician
Ara Güler, 90 Armenian photographer
Jimmy Hill, 87 English football player presenter analyst director
Line Renaud, 93 French actor and singer
William Peter Blatty, 89 Novelist screenwriter
M. S. Viswanathan, 87 Indian actor-musician
Andrés Rivera, 93 Argentine writer
David Ireland (author), 93 Australian writer
Naresh Kumar, 93 Indian tennis player
Gordie Howe, 88 Canadian ice hockey player
Hugo del Vecchio, 93 Olympic basketball player
Mary Craig (writer), 93
Gustavo Gutiérrez, 93 Peruvian theologian
Mike Feldman, 93 Canadian politician
Paul Dooley, 93 American actor
Humberto Maturana, 93 Chilean biologist and philosopher
James Watson, 93 molecular biologist
Laurence Martin, 93
Alexander Singer, 93 American director
Ray Marshall, 58 American Government Official
Renée Fox, 93 American sociologist
Steve Dodd, 93 Australian actor