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Billy Graham, 99 Protestant Christian Evangelist
Colin Long, 91 American ice hockey player
Luis Aguilar, 79 American soccer player
E. J. Williams, 103 Canadian politician
Helmut Schmidt, 96 Chancellor of West Germany from 1974 to 1982
Martin Pope, 102 American scientist
Kirk Allen, 103 American writer
Dada Vaswani, 99 Humanitarian and spiritual leader
James Aldridge, 103 Australian-British writer journalist
Brijendra Singh, 76 Ruler of Bharatpur
Bernard Marie, 96 French rugby union referee
Patrick Lucey, 96 American politician
Luigi Di Franco, 102 Italian footballer
Marcia Brown, 96 American children's illustrator and writer
Katherine Johnson, 102 American mathematician and physicist
Carter Manny, 99 American architect
Terry Spencer, 90 English cricketer
Liz Jones, 102 British journalist
Rose Wolfe, 103 Chancellor of the University of Toronto
Pierita, 59 Spanish footballer
Patricio Aylwin, 102 President of Chile
Milton Gordon, 102 American sociologist
Don Balfour, 102 Australian rules footballer
Ike Owens, 80 Welsh rugby union and rugby league player
Jack Connelly, 88 Australian rules footballer
Sándor Ádám, 56 Hungarian water polo player
S. Y. Lee, 103
Nelson Mandela, 95 South African politician and anti-apartheid fighter President of South Africa (1994–1999)
Roald Dahl, 72 British novelist short story writer
Sam Walton, 74 Founder of Wal-Mart and Sam's Club
Nipsey Russell, 87 American entertainer
Ted Williams, 83 American left fielder in Major League Baseball
Rita Hayworth, 68 American actress
Mary Kay Ash, 83 Entrepreneur
Pee Wee Reese, 81 American baseball player and coach
Cisco Houston, 42 American musician
Leonard Bernstein, 72 Composer conductor pedagogue pianist writer
Nicolae Ceausescu, 71 Politician
Ben Johnson, Jr., 77 Movie Actor
Cheryl Walker, 53 American actress
Mike Wallace, 93 American journalist
Richard Feynman, 69 American Nobel Prize-winning physicist and science educator
Madeleine L'Engle, 88 Young Adult Author
William Holden, 63 American actor
Mary Anderson, 96 Actress
Elmore James, 45 American blues guitarist singer songwriter and bandleader
Pearl Bailey, 72 American singer
Fay McKenzie, 101 American actor