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Julian Morris, 83 English actor
Pat Tobin, 58 Irish hurler
Manoel de Barros, 97 Brazilian writer
Albert Stone, 105 American philanthropist
Jacque Fresco, 101 Author scientist and futurist
Enrique Accorsi, 73 Chilean Olympic fencer
Olivia de Havilland, 104 American actress
Kirk Douglas, 103 American actor and film producer
D. D. Desai, 69 Indian cricket umpire
Lyle Smith, 105 American football and basketball player and coach
Wan Li, 98 Chinese politician
Harry Pegg, 105 Australian rules footballer cricketer
C. J. Miller, 105 Schoolmaster
Kim Chang-Hwan, 104 South Korean fencer
Mary McConkey, 104 Canadian swimmer
Alec Peak, 80 Australian rules footballer
Jack Lowry, 90 Australian rules footballer and cricketer
Harry Harley, 78 Canadian politician
Keith Bracey, 94
Sally Ryan, 52 American Sculptor
Daniel Sande, 104 Argentine fencer
John Chalk, 84 WWII military army officer
Beverly Cleary, 53 American children's writer
Kate Stokes, 104 British sprinter
Paul McDonough, 43 American football player
George Carl, 83 American entertianer
Ray Hamilton, 79 American football player and coach
Antonio Fusco, 77 Italian footballer
Oliver Morris, 28 Welsh rugby league player
George C. Young, 98 American judge
Jack Sparling, 80 Artist
Ian Hull, 69 Australian rules footballer
José Luis Riera, 70 Modern pentathlete
Ferruccio Lamborghini, 76 Entrepreneur
Gregory Peck, 87 Actor
Harry James, 67 American trumpeter
Van Johnson, 92 Actor
Dinah Shore, 77 Singer Actress
Ruth Handler, 85 American businesswoman
Walter Cronkite, 92 Television journalist
Jackie Gleason, 71 comedian actor and musician
Betty Grable, 56 dancer singer actress
Gaylord Nelson, 89 American politician
Ruth Benerito, 97 Inventor
Francis Crick, 88 British molecular biologist biophysicist neuroscientist; co-discoverer of the structure of DNA
David White, 74 Actor
Alex Nicol, 85 Actor film and television director
Glenn Ford, 90 Actor retired military officer