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Arthur Riley, 87 Association footballer
Bob Watson, 92 American baseball player and coach
Carlos Pereyra, 110 Argentine boxer
José Pamplona, 110 Basketball player
Ebby Halliday, 104
Ida Jones, 110 British athlete
Stan Lloyd, 75 Australian rules footballer
Walter Franz, 80 German physicist
Emma Ledden, 109 Irish broadcaster and model
Harry Travis, 70 English footballer
Norman Gordon, 103 Cricketer
Clare Hollingworth, 105 Journalist
Tom Funk, 92 American baseball pitcher
Nicolette Gray, 85 YouTube Star
Ronald Reagan, 93 American actor and politician 33rd Governor of California 40th President of the United States
Lucille Ball, 77 American Actress
Cantinflas, 81 Mexican film actor
Leif Erickson, 74 Actor
Butterfly McQueen, 84 Actress
Vincent Price, 82 Film radio stage and television ctor
Ginger Rogers, 83 Actress
Vivi-Anne Hultén, 91 Figure skater
Robert Johnson, 27 American blues musician
Tennessee Williams, 71 American writer
Mahalia Jackson, 60 Gospel singer
Roy Rogers, 86 American singer and film actor
Georges Pompidou, 62 President of France
Fauja Singh, 58 British athlete
Jean Harlow, 26 Actress
Joseph Barbera, 95 Animator and cartoonist
Jo Jones, 73 American drummer
Babe Didrikson Zaharias, 45 American professional golfer track and field athlete Olympic gold medalist
Wilbert Awdry, 85 Novelist
William Golding, 81 Novelist poet playwright and Nobel Prize laureate
Spike Jones, 53 American musician and band leader
Josh Gibson, 35 American baseball player
Eric Williams, 69 Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago
L. Ron Hubbard, 74 Speculative fiction author founder of Scientology
Bill Bowerman, 88 American runner coach and businessman
Elizabeth Bishop, 68 American Poet
David Seymour, 44 American photojournalist
Hubert H. Humphrey, 66 Actor
Jorge Negrete, 42 Actor
Will B, 101 Instagram Star
Faiz Ahmad Faiz, 73 Pakistani writer
Rosetta LeNoire, 90 American actor
Luis Walter Alvarez, 77 American physicist
Portia White, 56 Canadian opera singer