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París Rodríguez, 116 Fencer
Allan Craig, 117 Scottish footballer
John Eldredge, 57 American writer
Adam Allan, 117 Association football player
Antonio Villamil, 117 Argentine fencer
Les Gallagher, 69 Australian rules footballer
Glyn Roberts, 58 Australian playwright
Alexander Decker, 65 Austrian boxer
Raúl Saucedo, 117 Fencer
Norm MacLeod, 46 Australian rules footballer
Olive Moore, 117 British writer
Rafael Cámara, 116 Mexican fencer
Efrain Díaz, 117 Chilean fencer
Ted Royal, 76 American composer
Hans Lion, 65 Austrian fencer
Félix López, 117 Chilean labor activist
Dr. Seuss, 87 American cartoonist children's animator and writer
Salvador Dalí, 84 20th century Catalan surrealist artist
Cary Grant, 82 Actor
George Berry, 67 TikTok Star
Dr Charles Drew, 45 Doctor
Glenn Miller, 40 Jazz musician
Ray Bolger, 83 Bolger Raymond Wallace
Phil Harris, 91 Bandleader vocalist actor
Pablo Neruda, 69 Chilean poet diplomat politician
BF Skinner, 86 Psychologist
Count Basie, 79 American musician
Fats Waller, 39 American musician
Greer Garson, 91 Actress
Libby Holman, 67 Actress singer
Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith, 81 Family Member
George Balanchine, 79 Russian-American choreographer and ballet master and master teacher
Graham Greene, 86 Novelist Playwright Short story writer
Adelle Davis, 70 Self-Help Author
Lal Bahadur Shastri, 61 Politician
Milburn Stone, 75 Actor
Helen Kane, 62 Actress
Peter Lorre, 59 Austrian actor
Tommy Douglas, 81 Canadian NDP politician and advocate for medicare.
Dick Powell, 58 Actor singer producer director and studio head
George Formby, 56 Music hall film singer comedian
Deng Xiaoping, 92 prominent Chinese revolutionary politician pragmatist and reformer as well as the late leader of the Communist Party of China
Feroze Khan, 100 TV Actor
Robert Montgomery, 77 Actor
Johnny Weissmuller, 79 US swimmer Olympic gold medalist former world record-holder actor
Sydney Taylor, 73 American writer
Alger Hiss, 92 Alleged Communist spy
Johnny Mack Brown, 70 Football player actor