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Mohammad Hejazi, 72 Iranian general
Issa Michuzi Tanzanian Blogger
John Cassini Canadian actor
Mark Kenny, 120 Irish footballer
Pedro Benítez, 73 footballer
Stan Robb, 58 American football player
Ed Taylor, 90 American football player
Juan Gracia, 120 Polo player
Murilo Mendes, 74 Brazilian Writer
Casey Schreiner, 120 American politician
Jim Polito American broadcaster
Little Shawn American rapper
K. K. Shetty, 85 Indian politician
Leonard Martin, 66 Sailor
Jerry Best, 74 English footballer
John Pullen, 119 Welsh footballer
Skitzo, 120 Producer artist actor owner
Efrain Nieves, 120 Baseball player
George Rudolph, 65 Australian rules footballer and coach
G. Fichu, 120 Wrestler
Alejandro Colina, 74 Venezuelan sculptor
Jagga Jatt, 30 Punjabi rebel
Ashley Owens, 120 American Paralympic swimmer
Dave Duff, 76 Australian rules footballer
Norman Jacob, 68 Welsh cricketer
Clyde Lucas, 1 Big band leader and musician
James Plimmer, 120 English rugby league player
Andrew Finlay, 120 Footballer
Walt Disney, 65 Producer director and animator
Louis Armstrong, 69 Actor
Kid Buu Rapper
Olivia Deeble TV Actress
Marcel Somerville Reality Star
Anastasia Nikolaevna, 17 Duchess
Lydia Bright Reality Star
Julia Jordan YouTube Star
Clark Gable, 59 American actor
DigDat Rapper
Hirohito, 87 Japanese emperor
Sukarno, 69 President of Indonesia
Unknown T Rapper
Marlene Dietrich, 90 actor and singer
Chuck Taylor, 67 Entrepreneur
Ed Sullivan, 73 American entertainment writer and television host
Sherwood Marty Rapper
Luther Brown Choreographer
Christopher Wood, 29 Writer
Gary Cooper, 60 actor