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Charlie Duncan, 132 Professional footballer
Bill Carmody, 63 American basketball player and coach
Neil King, 132 Australian footballer
Wayne Hart, 132 American football coach
Santos Ferreira, 111 Fencer
Manuel Villa, 132 Negro League Baseball player
Thomas Midgley, 55 English footballer
Bruce Lang, 85 Australian rules footballer
Andrew Kiddie, 74 South African World War I flying ace
Hugh Hay, 75 British flying ace
Archie Small, 66 English footballer
Douglas Dexter, 48 Fencer
Tom Grimshaw, 131 Australian rules footballer
Sydney Carlin, 52 American politician
Charlie Chaplin, 88 English actor and director
Otto Frank, 91 German-born father of Anne and Margot Frank
Eliza Rose, 132 YouTube Star
Elmo Lincoln, 63 American film actor
Jawaharlal Nehru, 74 1st Prime Minister of India
Edwin Hubble, 63 American astronomer
George S. Kaufman, 71 American writer
Beulah Bondi, 91 Actress
Jean Cocteau, 74 French poet novelist dramatist designer boxing manager and filmmaker
Daisy Robins, 78 Reality Star
Fritz Pfeffer, 55 German physician
James Whale, 67 Film director
Gabriela Mistral, 67 Chilean poet
Hannah Höch, 88 German artist
Warner Baxter, 62 Actor
Ben Ames Williams, 63 Writer
Igor Sikorsky, 83 Russian aerospace designer
Claude Rains, 77 English-born actor
Walter Knott, 91 Amusement park developer
Dorothy Gibson, 56 Silent film actress singer model
Claude McKay, 58 Jamaican American writer poet
Victor Fleming, 59 Film director
Paul Nash, 57 Painter
Ludwig Wittgenstein, 62 Major Austrian philosopher
Olave Baden-Powell, 88
Arthur Roy Mitchell, 87 American artist
Emma Lucy Braun, 81 American botanist
Charles Darrow, 78 Inventor
Sessue Hayakawa, 84 Japanese actor
Jacob Robinson, 88 Model
Pearl White, 49 Actress
Anna Johnson Gates, 49 American politician
A. Philip Randolph, 90 American activist
Elsie Janis, 66 American singer and actress