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Porter Craig, 132 American football coach
George Affleck, 132 Scottish footballer
Harry Leigh, 133 English footballer
Thomas Burn, 27 English footballer
Ike Little, 57 Australian rules footballer
Jacob Mann, 52 English cricketer
Jack Hegarty, 85 American football player and coach of football and basketball
Walter Michel, 80 Swiss chess player
John A. Mais, 72 German racing driver
James Kase, 132 American basketball coach
Max Becker, 72 Bassist
Jim Thorpe, 64 athlete
Toby Murray, 83 TV Actor
CV Raman, 82 Physicist
Irving Berlin, 101 American musician
John Logie Baird, 57 Entrepreneur
Knute Rockne, 43 American college football player college football coach College Football Hall of Fame member
Haven Gillespie, 87 American composer and lyricist
Harpo Marx, 75 Actor comedian
Walter Tull, 29 English footballer
Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., 81 Businessman political figure and father of John F. Kennedy
Lead Belly, 61 American musician
Russell Stover, 66 American businessman
Dale Carnegie, 66 American writer and lecturer
Gladys Cooper, 82 Actress
Libbie Henrietta Hyman, 80 Zoologist
Raymond Chandler, 70 Novelist screenwriter
SS Vandine, 50 Novelist
Archer MacMackin, 73 Director producer screenwriter
Maurice Chevalier, 83 Actor Singer
Barry Fitzgerald, 72 Actor
Henry Wallace, 77 Politician
Dennis Chavez, 74 American politician
Tris Speaker, 70 American baseball player
Fernando Pessoa, 47 Portuguese poet and writer
Will Hay, 60 Comedian comic actor astronomer
Richard E. Byrd, 68 United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient
Eugene O'Neill, 65 Playwright
Abul Kalam Azad, 69 Politician
Horace Pippin, 58 American artist
Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot, 58 Wife of T S Elliot
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, 86 Indian philosopher and statesman
Vladimir Zworykin, 94 Inventor
Edith Evans, 88 British actor
Thea von Harbou, 65 German actor
Antoinette Perry, 58 American actor
Inge Lehmann, 104 Danish seismologist who discovered the Earth's inner core
Herbert Spencer Gasser, 74 American physiologist