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Gregory Scott, 141 British actor
Jack Sheffield, 36 author
Charles Harvey, 35 Footballer
Joseph Lux, 80 French gymnast
Luís Costa, 80 Angolan basketball player
Robert Haworth, 82 English footballer
Albert Toney, 52 American baseball player
Lorne Campbell, 141 Canadian ice hockey player
Albert Einstein, 76 Physicist
Will Rogers, 55 American humorist and entertainer
Leon Trotsky, 60 Ukraine-Russian revolutionary politician and founder of the Red Army
Billy Mitchell, 56 American general regarded as Father of the U.S. Air Force
Emiliano Zapata, 39 Mexican Revolutionary Army of the South
Paul Klee, 60 Swiss painter of German nationality
Patrick Pearse, 36 Irish revolutionary
Sydney Greenstreet, 74 Actor
Nikita Alekseev, 69 Pop Singer
Eily Malyon, 81 British character actress
Bunk Johnson, 69 Trumpet Player
Jane Darwell, 87 Actress
Margaret Sanger, 86 American women's rights activist
Ethel Barrymore, 79 Actress
Grace Coolidge, 78 First Lady of the United States
Miller Huggins, 50 American baseball player
Lucy Burns, 87 Suffragette
Max Schreck, 56 Actor
Sarojini Naidu, 70 Indian politician
Daniel J. Layton, 80 American judge
Amine Mojito, 85 Snapchat Star
Milutin Milanković, 79 Serbian climatologist
Frieda Von Richthofen, 76 Family Member
Otto Hahn, 89 German chemist
Pants Rowland, 90 American baseball manager
Hope Smith, 86 Model
Ruth St. Denis, 89 Modern dance pioneer
William Lord Wright, 67 American screenwriter and film producer
Gil Dobie, 69 American football player and coach basketball coach
Othmar Ammann, 86 Swiss-American structural engineer
Lewis Stone, 73 Actor
Daniel J. Layton (Politician), 141 Politician
Knud Rasmussen, 54 Danish explorer and anthropologist
Warwick Armstrong, 68 Cricketer
Vanessa Bell, 81 British artist
Owen Willans Richardson, 79 British physicist
Clyde Vernon Cessna, 74 Pilot
Jack Norworth, 80 Songwriter
Joseph Lyons, 59 Australian politician and Prime Minister
Nancy Astor, 84 Politician