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Dario Herrera, 43 American politician
Vincent A. Martin, 151 American politician
Sam Crowther, 151 British rugby league player
William Mathieson, 151 Scottish footballer
Malcolm Williams, 66 American football player
Tom Childs, 151 American politician
Boaz Young, 151 Polish actor
Jesse Stanley, 151 English footballer
Sarah Bogle, 62 American Librarian
Vladimir Lenin, 53 Russian politician led October Revolution
Mbah Gotho, 146 Supercentenarian
Ivan B, 83 Rapper
Carrie Ingalls, 75 Little House on the Prairie character
Maria Montessori, 81 Italian physician and educator
Saki, 45 Playwright
Bill Pickett, 61 Bull Rider
Molly Bloom, 151 Memoirist
Uncle Dave Macon, 81 American musician
Mary Johnston, 65 Novelist women's rights activist
RB Bennett, 76 Politician
Helena Rubinstein, 94 Cosmetics company founder
Frank Norris, 32 American writer
Georges Claude, 89 Prolific inventor and industrialist. Politician and German collaborator in the Second World War.
Ray Stannard Baker, 76 American journalist
Nariman Narimanov, 54 Politician
Thomas Gore, 78 American politician
Alfred Douglas, 74 Playwright
Joseph Strauss, 68 Engineer
Maxfield Parrish, 95 American painter and illustrator
Solanus Casey, 86 American Capuchin friar and priest
Bonnie Harris, 92 YouTube Star
John Marin, 82 American artist
Emanuel Vidović, 82 Croatian painter
Géza Maróczy, 81 Hungarian chess grandmaster
Hilaire Belloc, 82 Writer
Jan Smuts, 80 South African politician and general
Joaquín Álvarez, 71 TV Show Host
Josiah Ritchie, 84 Tennis Player
Harry Atmore, 75 New Zealand politician
Chittaranjan Das, 54 Indian politician
Benjamin N. Cardozo, 68 United States federal judge
Tex Rickard, 59 American sports promoter
Elliott Dexter, 71 American actor
Yordan Piperkata, 32 War Hero
Marcus Loew, 57 Film pioneer owner of Loew's/M-G-M
Štefan Banič, 70 Inventor
Jessie Tarbox Beals, 71 American photographer
Adolf Loos, 62 Austrian Architect