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Frank Bauer, 159 brewery worker Socialist legislator
Paul Hardy, 79 American politician
Katie Angel, 60 YouTube Star
Ida B. Wells, 68 Social Reformer
Claude Debussy, 55 Composer
May Irwin, 76 actress singer
J. Bruce Ismay, 74 English footballer
Gustav Klimt, 55 Austrian Symbolist painter
Andrew Fisher, 66 Australian politician and fifth Prime Minister of Australia
O. Henry, 47 American short story writer
Dummy Hoy, 99 American baseball player
Billy Sunday, 72 Religious Leader
Edward Stratemeyer, 67 Publisher and writer
Homer Plessy, 62 American activist
Charles Edward Murphy, 88 Family Member
Mary Kingsley, 37 BRitish suffragist
Edith Wharton, 75 American novelist short story writer designer
Connie Mack, 93 American baseball manager and owner
Anastasios Metaxas, 74 Architect and sport shooter
Charles Evans Hughes, 86 American judge
Amos Alonzo Stagg, 102 American football player and coach
Alma Bridwell White, 84 Founder of the Pillar of Fire Church
Vojislav Ilić, 31 Serbian poet
Anton van Wouw, 82 Dutch sculptor
Paul Adam, 57 Novelist
Ethelbert Nevin, 38 American composer
Julius Rosenwald, 69 American philanthropist
Bob Ford, 30 Football Coach
Evan Sloan, 69 Star
Cecilio Báez, 79 President of Paraguay
Mirza Alakbar Sabir, 49 Azerbaijani poet
Théo van Rysselberghe, 64 painter
Siegbert Tarrasch, 71 German chess player
Albert Jeremiah Beveridge, 64 Historian
Henry John Newbolt, 75 Poet
Albert Gran, 70 American actor
Frank Weston Benson, 89 American artist
Bernhard Stavenhagen, 52 German composer
Gerhart Hauptmann, 83 German dramatist who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1912
George Sutherland, 80 U.S. jurist and political figure
Wilhelm Weinberg, 74 German geneticist
James Clark McReynolds, 84 United States federal judge and Supreme Court Justice
Carrie Jacobs-Bond, 84 American composer
Emil von Sauer, 79 German classical pianist and composer
Arthur Schnitzler, 69 Austrian writer and doctor
Eduard Bornhöhe, 61 Estonian writer
Maurice Maeterlinck, 86 Belgian writer
John Commons, 82 Economist