Slugterra 11 years old


Following his father's death, 15-year-old Eli Shane embraces his destiny to follow in his dad's footsteps to a secret, subterranean world called Slugterra where he is determined to be the greatest Slugslinging hero of them all!


Trevor Devall
Trevor Devall

King of Sling

Lee Tockar
Lee Tockar


Brian Drummond
Brian Drummond

El Diablos Nacho


Name Character
Trevor Devall He was 39 , now 51 years old as King of Sling
Lee Tockar He was 43 , now 55 years old as Pronto
Shannon Chan-Kent She was 24 , now 35 years old as Trixie
Sam Vincent He was 41 , now 52 years old as Eli
Brian Drummond He was 43 , now 54 years old as El Diablos Nacho
Andrew Francis He was 27 , now 38 years old as Kord
Mark Oliver He was 46 , now 58 years old as Dr. Blakk
Michael Dobson He was 46 , now 57 years old as Drake
Vincent Tong He was 33 , now 44 years old as Junjie
Tobias Diakow He was 22 , now 34 years old as Eli Shane


Name Job title
Slugterra poster
Slugterra (11 years)


  • First Air Date: 2012-10-15
  • Runtime: [22] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 59