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Sharpe is a British series of television dramas starring Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe, a fictional British soldier in the Napoleonic Wars. Sharpe is the hero of a number of novels by Bernard Cornwell; most, though not all, of the episodes are based on the books. Produced by Celtic Films and Picture Palace Films for the ITV network, the series was shot mainly in Turkey and the Crimea, although some filming was also done in England, Spain and Portugal. The series originally ran from 1993 to 1997. In 2004, as part of ITV's new set of drama, ITV announced that it intended to produce new episodes of Sharpe, in co-production with BBC America, loosely based on his time in India, with Sean Bean continuing his role as Sharpe. Sharpe's Challenge is a two-part adventure; part one premiered on ITV on 23 April 2006, with part two being shown the following night. With more gore than earlier episodes, the show was broadcast by BBC America in September 2006.



Name Character
Sean Bean He was 34 , now 64 years old as Sharpe
Mark Strong He was 29 , now 60 years old
Toby Stephens He was 24 , now 54 years old
Pete Postlethwaite He was 47 , 64 years old when he died as Obadiah Hakeswill
Elizabeth Hurley She was 27 , now 58 years old
Julian Fellowes He was 43 , now 74 years old as Major Dunnett
Caroline Langrishe She was 35 , now 66 years old
Alice Krige She was 38 , now 69 years old
Abigail Cruttenden She was 25 , now 55 years old
David Troughton He was 42 , now 73 years old as Wellesley
Padma Lakshmi She was 22 , now 53 years old
Michael Mears as Cooper
Michael Byrne He was 49 , now 80 years old
James Laurenson He was 53 , now 84 years old
Assumpta Serna She was 35 , now 66 years old as Teresa
Lex Shrapnel He was 13 , now 44 years old
Oliver Chris He was 14 , now 45 years old
Lucy Brown She was 14 , now 45 years old
Daragh O'Malley He was 38 , now 69 years old as Harper
Hugh Fraser He was 42 , 43 years old when he died
John Tams He was 44 , now 75 years old as Hagman
Philip Whitchurch He was 42 , now 73 years old
Michael Elwyn He was 50 , now 81 years old
Jason Salkey He was 31 , now 61 years old as Harris
Brian Cox (actor) He was 46 , now 77 years old as Hogan


Name Job title
Nigel Kneale Writing He was 71 , 84 years old when he died Writer
Patrick Harbinson Writing Writer
Russell Lewis Writing He was 30 , now 61 years old Writer
Charles Wood Writing He was 24 , 1 years old when he died Writer
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Sharpe (30 years)


  • First Air Date: 1993-05-05
  • Runtime: [90] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 18