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Marker is an American hour long television drama that premiered on the UPN on March 20, 1995. It is set in and was filmed in Hawaii. The series focuses on Richard DeMorra, a man given a strange inheritance from his late father: markers which were given in the past by his father to those who had helped him achieve his success. He receives these once per episode from one of those people, leading him on varied adventures as he tries to follow through on his father's legacy. Other members of the cast include Gates McFadden, who playes his father's young widow, and Andy Bumatai as a helpful local character, Danny Kahala. The show lasted for 13 episodes and was advertised with the tagline: "America's Coolest Hero."



Name Character
Gates McFadden She was 45 , now 74 years old
Richard Grieco He was 29 , now 58 years old
Keone Young He was 47 , now 76 years old
Nia Peeples She was 33 , now 61 years old


Name Job title
John Nicolella Directing He was 49 , 52 years old when he died Director
Kristoffer Tabori Directing He was 42 , now 71 years old Director
David Hemmings Directing He was 53 , 62 years old when he died Director
Dennis Dugan Directing He was 48 , now 77 years old Director
Guy Magar Directing He was 47 , now 75 years old Director
Stephen J. Cannell Production He was 53 , 69 years old when he died Producer
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Marker (28 years)


  • First Air Date: 1995-01-17
  • Runtime: [60] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 13