Three Kingdoms RPG (回到三國) 11 years old

Three Kingdoms RPG

Vincent Sima is a lazy slacker addicted to video games, especially "Three Kingdoms" where he is a master in game strategy. When a typhoon occurs in Hong Kong, he is transported back in time to the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history, where he meets several historical figures and becomes a valuable strategist in shaping key historical events.



Name Character
Lau Kong He was 69 , now 81 years old
Sharon Chan She was 33 , now 45 years old
Raymond Lam He was 32 , now 44 years old as Chu-got Leung


Name Job title
Three Kingdoms RPG poster
Three Kingdoms RPG (11 years)


  • First Air Date: 2012-07-09
  • Runtime: [] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 25