Wesleyan University

People from Wesleyan University


Name Title
Debra Haffner
Danny Forster American television host and producer and architect
Kim Wayans American actress
Jesse Vincent Businessperson and computer programmer
Ben Weiner American painter
Akiva Goldsman American film producer
Chris Pureka American musician
Renée Green Artist writer filmmaker
Bill Cole American musician
Andrew VanWyngarden American musician
Robert García American politician
Matthew Greenfield American film producer
Amy Bloom Fiction writer screenwriter social worker psychotherapist
Blake Nelson Children's Author
Candace Nelson Chef
Kaylie Jones American writer
Matt Kelley American filmmaker
Ben Graves American musician
Carolyn Parkhurst
John Perry Barlow American lyricist essayist
Hunter Carson American actor
Max Goldblatt American actor
Daniel Dennett American philosopher
Chuck Stone American air force officer
David P. Anderson American research scientist at the Space Sciences Laboratory
Nicolas Collins American composer
Jonathan Horowitz American artist
David Garrow American historian
Norman Daniels public health ethicist medical ethicist ethicist college professor
Jonathan I. Schwartz AMerican businessman
Bradley Whitford American actor
D. B. Weiss American writer
Jordan Belfi American actor
Robert E. Hunter American diplomat scholar consultant political advisor
Glen David Gold American writer
Rick Tuttle American politician
Peter Zummo American composer
Daniel James Wolf American composer
Wadada Leo Smith American musician
Sandy Newman American Nonprofit Executive
David Jay American activist
Robert T. Hoshibata Bishop of The United Methodist Church
John Rapson American musician
Jonathan S. Bush American businessman
Charles Manning Child American Zoologist
Daniel Parish Kidder American missionary
Alix Olson American poet
Suzanne Berne Novelist
C. Stanley Lewis American artist
Walt Odets Psychologist

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