University of New Hampshire

People from University of New Hampshire


Name Title
Daniel Ford American journalist
Chip Kelly American football coach
Darren Haydar Canadian ice hockey player
Colleen Coyne American ice hockey player
Lou D'Allesandro American politician
Jeanie Forrester American politician
Kevin H. Smith American politician
Liz MacDonald Space Weather Scientist
Kevin Regan American ice hockey goaltender
Phil DeSimone American ice hockey player
Dan Curran American football player
Blanchard Ryan Actress
Christopher Friend American politician
Lori Robinson United States general
Evelyn Handler University president
Jenn Wakefield Canadian ice hockey player
Robert Caret
Robel Teklemariam Ethiopian corss-country skier
Louis C. Wyman American politician
Nancy Van de Vate American composer
Chris Wragge American television sports and news anchor
Amanda Merrill American politician
Rhoda Perry American politician
George O'Leary American college football coach professional football coach
Brian Coppola American chemist
Jeffrey Friedl Software Engineer
Charles Scontras Labor historian
Robert V. Bruce American historian
John Winslow Irving Novelist
Sharon Bush
Amy Agulay Canadian retired field hockey goalkeeper
Cy Wentworth (American football) American football player
Nedd Willard American writer
Salim Tamari Palestinian sociologist
Sarah Hutz American politician
Richard Nass American politician
Robert Edmund O'Malley American mathematician
Kaitlynn Carter Blogger
Richard Valle
Dana Jennings American writer
Natalie Jacobson American television anchor
Matt Fornataro Canadian ice hockey player
Sumner Shapiro United States Navy Rear Admiral
George O'Leary Football Coach
Mike O'Malley TV Actor
Vladimir Pištalo Serbian writer
Lee Morin American astronaut
Karyn Bye-Dietz American ice hockey player
Anthony Standen
Sue Merz Ice hockey player

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