St Hugh's College

People from St Hugh's College


Name Title
Alison Brackenbury British poet
Theresa May Politician
Amal Clooney Lawyer
Joan M. Hussey British historian
Lennox Honychurch Dominican historian and politician
Sarah Outen adventurer
Myfanwy Piper Librettist; art critic
Mary Lobel British historian
Cora Diamond American philosopher
Florence Baron British judge
Mary Cartwright Mathematician
Kathy Wilkes British philosopher
Diana Organ Politician
Gladys Le Mare British zoologist
Mary Renault Novelist
Mary-Kay Wilmers British editor
Tamara Talbot Rice
Vina Mazumdar Indian academic feminist
Kofoworola Ademola
Fiona Hall Film producer
Joanna Trollope British writer
Joan Evans British historian
Joan Harrison Film producer
Rowan Pelling British journalist and broadcaster
Rosemary A. Bailey British statistician and algebraist known for her work in the design of experiments (association schemes combinatorial designs linear models analysis of variance) as as a spokesperson for mathematical statistics
Ann Paludan British writer
Barbara Levick British historian
Jane Glover British-born conductor and music scholar
Heather Hallett British judge
Dinah Birch English literary scholar
Joy Tetley British Archdeacon
Madge Adam astronomer
Gwyneth Bebb Plaintiff in sex discrimation case
G. E. M. Anscombe British analytic philosopher
Helen Wallis British maritime historian
Margaret Potter British writer
Edna Healey
Rosemary Woolf scholar of medieval literature
Margery Perham historian and writer on African affairs
Mary Rees British mathematician
Nicky Morgan (footballer) English footballer
Gwyneth Williams BBC radio 4 controller
Freda Bedi
Ruth Lawrence Mathematician
Edith Olivier Writer
June Tabor British singer
Aung San Suu Kyi nonviolent pro-democracy activist
Rebecca Front British actress
Khairy Jamaluddin Malaysian politician
Cecilia Mary Ady

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