College of William & Mary

People from College of William & Mary


Name Title
Phil Hamilton Virginia Politician
Cameron S. Brown American politician
Jon Stewart American comedian
Sarah Brady Activist
Andrew Norman English snooker player
Christopher Bram American writer
Jonathan Jarvis U.S. National Park Service director
Linda Lavin American actor and singer
Glenn Close American actress
Robert Gates CIA director U.S. Secretary of Defense and university president
Wayne Lineburg American football player
Chip Esten American actor and comedian
Jacob Frey Animator
Carter Braxton American politician
Robert T. King (Vermont) American politician
Francis Preston American politician
Benjamin W. Leigh American politician
Joseph Ellis American historian
Chris Genoa American writer
Alexander Hugh Holmes Stuart American politician
John N. Hendren
John Tyler, Jr. Son Of American President
John W. Lawson American politician
Linn Banks American politician
Decimus et Ultimus Barziza American politician
Michelle Wolf Comedian
Jim Parco
Rebecca Beach YouTube Star
Richard Beeman American historian
Cece Bell Children's Author
Courtney Angela Brkic American anthropologist and writer
Samantha Casey
Robert Stanard American politician
William Temple Thomson Mason American business man
Briscoe Baldwin American politician
Nathaniel Beverley Tucker American writer
William M. Tuck American politician
Zach Lowe Journalist
Viola Baskerville American politician
Philip Pendleton Barbour U.S. Congressman from Virginia and an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court
Joseph Chilton Pearce
Logan G YouTube Star
William Gilham Confederate Army officer
Willoughby Newton American politician and lawyer
William J. Stuntz Law professor
Jill Holtzman Vogel American politician
David C. Russo Member of the New Jersey General Assembly
George Keith Taylor United States federal judge
Lewis Glucksman American businessman
Littleton Waller Tazewell American politician

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