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Will Champion, 43 Drummer Musician
Scott Travis, 60 American drummer
Bobby Rock, 58 American musician
Larry Mullen, Jr., 59 Drummer for rock band U2
Harry Judd, 35 British drummer
Jet Black, 83 English rock drummer
Neil Sanderson, 42 Canadian musician
Shannon Leto, 51 American musician
Brann Dailor, 46 American musician
Bobby Z., 65 American drummer
Alex Van Halen, 68 American musician
Chris Tomson, 37 American drummer
Jonny Quinn, 49 British drummer
Patrick Carney, 41 American musician
Jen Ledger, 31 Musician
Matt Sorum, 60 Rock drummer percussionist most notably with Guns N' Roses
Ryan Seaman, 38 American musician
Chuck Comeau, 42 Canadian musician
Joey Kramer, 71 American musician
Shawn Crahan, 52 American musician
Chris Sharrock, 57 British drummer
Jimmy DeGrasso, 58 Drummer
Shawn Drover, 55 Canadian musician
Martin Lopez, 43 Swedish musician
Charly Alberti, 58 Musician
Zac Farro, 31 American Drummer
Aaron Gillespie, 38 American musician
Josh Freese, 48 Session musician
Teddy Campbell, 46 American drummer
Joey Jordison, 46 Musician songwriter and record producer
Alexander Noyes, 35 American musician
Jon Wurster, 54 American musician
Einar Tørnquist, 39 Norwegian musician
Tony Royster, Jr., 37 Drummer
Barry Kerch, 45 American musician
Dann Hume, 34 New Zealand musician
Marvin Smith, 60 American musician
Jason Bonham, 55 Drummer percussionist
Butch Vig, 66 American musician
Rikki Rockett, 60 American musician
Ken Jay, 50 American drummer
Brian Blade, 51 American musician
Kang Min-hyuk, 30 South Korean recording artist drummer and actor
Micky Dolenz, 76 actor musician
Daniel Adair, 46 Canadian drummer
Thomas Lang, 54 Austrian musician
Gene Hoglan, 54 American musician
Peter Criss, 75 American musician