Yongle Emperor

Yongle Emperor
May 2, 1360
Death Date:
August 12, 1424 (age 64)
Birth Sign:

Yongle Emperor was born on May 02, 1360 (died on August 12, 1424, yongle Emperor was 64 years old) . Yongle Emperor nickname was 朱棣 Zhu Di Chu Ti 永樂帝 永乐帝 Ming Yongle Yongledi Ming Yung-lo Yung-lo-ti Yung-lo Ti Yung-lo Emperor 明成祖 Ming Chengzu Ming Ch'eng-tsu Ming Cheng-tsu Cheng Tsu 啓天弘道高明肇運聖武神功純仁至孝文皇帝 Qitian Hongdao Gaoming Zhaoyun Shengwu Shengong Chunren Zhixiao Wen Huangdi Wen .


The Yongle Emperor formerly romanized as the Yung-lo or Yonglo Emperor was the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty in China reigning from 1402 to 1424. Born as Zhu Di he was originally created Prince of Yan in May 1370 with his capital at Beiping. Amid the continuing struggle against the Mongols Zhu Di consolidated his own power and eliminated rivals such as the successful general Lan Yu. read more


Yongle Emperor had seven children, Hongxi (46) , Princess (641) , Zhu (45) , Zhu (48) , Princess (636) , Princess (635) and Zhu (628) . When yongle Emperor first child, Hongxi Emperor, was born, Yongle Emperor was 18 years old.

Is Yongle Emperor still alive?

No, yongle Emperor died on 08/12/1424, 595 years ago. Yongle Emperor was 64 years old when yongle Emperor died. Yongle Emperor died in Ujimqin, Inner Mongolia

What was Yongle's zodiac sign?

Yongle Emperor zodiac sign was taurus.