Yaxun B'alam IV

Yaxun B'alam IV
January 1, 709
Death Date:
January 1, 0768 (age 59)

Yaxun B'alam IV was born on January 01, 0709 (died on January 01, 0768, yaxun B'alam IV was 59 years old) .


s grandfather-namesake see Yaxun B'alam III. Yaxun B’alam IV also called Bird Jaguar IV was a Mayan king from Yaxchilan. He ruled from 752 until 768 AD continuing the period of prosperity started by his father Itzamnaaj B'alam II. He had to struggle to take and hold power as he was not perceived to be the rightful heir to the throne. read more

Is Yaxun B'alam IV still alive?

No, yaxun B'alam IV died on 01/01/0768, 1252 years ago. Yaxun B'alam IV was 59 years old when yaxun B'alam IV died.

What was Yaxun's zodiac sign?

Yaxun B'alam IV zodiac sign was capricorn.

When is Yaxun B'alam IV's next birthday?

Yaxun B'alam IV was born on the , which was a Friday

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