Władysław II the Exile

Władysław II the Exile
Birth Place:
Kraków, Kingdom of Poland (1025–1385)
January 1, 1105
Death Date:
May 30, 1159 (age 54)
Birth Sign:

He was born on January 01, 1105 (died on May 30, 1159, he was 54 years old) in Kraków, Lesser Poland.


This article refers to the 12th century Polish monarch. For the 14th century founder of the Jagiellon dynasty see Jogaila and for other monarchs with similar names see Ladislaus II. Władysław II the Exile was a High Duke of Poland and Duke of Silesia from 1138 until his expulsion in 1146. He is the progenitor of the Silesian Piasts. read more

His Parents

Zbyslava Of Kiev
Zbyslava Of Kiev
Bolesław III Wrymouth
Bolesław III Wrymouth

His mother is Zbyslava Of Kiev and his father is Bolesław III Wrymouth. His mother died at the age of (Władysław was 9 years old). When Władysław born she was 25 years old. and Bolesław III Wrymouth was 18 years old when Władysław born.


Władysław II the Exile had 9 siblings. Bolesław (15 years younger) , Casimir (33 years younger) , Richeza (11 years younger) , Agnes (32 years younger) , q11754917 (10 years younger) , Judith (25 years younger) , Dobroniega (23 years younger) , Mieszko (16 years younger) , and Henry (22 years younger)


He had six children, Unknown , Albert , Richeza , Bolesław (74) , Mieszko (79) and Konrad (22) .

Is Władysław II the Exile still alive?

No, he died on 05/30/1159, 861 years ago. He was 54 years old when he died. He died in Altenburg and buried in Pegau .

What was Władysław's zodiac sign?

Władysław II the Exile zodiac sign was capricorn.

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When is Władysław II the Exile's next birthday?

Władysław II the Exile was born on the , which was a Sunday