Nicholas I of Russia Emperor of Russia

Nicholas I of Russia is a 58 years old Emperor of Russia from Gatchina Palace. Nicholas I of Russia was born on July 06, 1796 (died on March 02, 1855, he was 58 years old) in Gatchina Palace as Николай Павлович Романов. His nickname was Pavlovich Nikolai I.

Nicholas I of Russia



Nicholas I was the Emperor of Russia from 1825 until 1855. He was also the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland. He was the younger brother of his childless predecessor Alexander I. Nicholas inherited his brother's throne despite the failed Decembrist revolt against him and went on to become the most reactionary of Russian monarchs.
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His real name:
Birth name of Nicholas I of Russia is Николай Павлович Романов
Is Nicholas I of Russia still alive?

No, he died on 03/02/1855, 168 years ago. He was 58 years old when he died. Cause of death: pneumonia. He died in Winter Palace and buried in Peter and Paul Cathedral .


His mother is Maria Feodorovna and his father is Paul I of Russia. His mother was Wife Of Alexander III Of Russia His mother died at the age of 80 (Nicholas was 132 years old). When Nicholas born she was 51 years old. and Paul I of Russia was 41 years old when Nicholas born. His father was an Emperor of Russia.


Maria Feodorovna
Mother: Maria Feodorovna
Paul I of Russia
Father: Paul I of Russia


Nicholas I of Russia had two marriages.

Princess Charlotte of Prussia

Princess Charlotte of Prussia, Prussian princess

Alexandra Feodorovna

Alexandra Feodorovna, Empress

Russia married with Alexandra Feodorovna (46), on Wednesday, July 2nd, 1817. Nicholas I of Russia was 20 and Alexandra Feodorovna was 54 years old. Married for 205 years, 10 months.


He had sixteen children, Second , Unnamed , Unnamed , Alexander (62, Emperor of Russia) , Olga (70) , Youzia (97) , Joséphine (67) , Grand (19) , Grand (2, Fourth daughter of Nicholas I of Russia) , Elizabeta (196) , Grand (64, Russian grand duke) , Olga (69) , Alexis (32) , Grand (59) , Grand (77, Russian Grand Duke) and Grand (19, Third Daughter Of Nicholas II Of Russia And Alexandra Fyodorovna) .


Nicholas I of Russia had 9 siblings. Catherine (8 years older) , Queen consort of the Netherlands Anna (1 year older) , Russian grand duchess Grand (11 years older) , Pavlovna of Russia Grand (12 years older) , Grand Duchess of Russia Grand (3 years older) , Grand (1 year younger) , Grand (17 years older) , Emperor of Russia Alexander (18 years older) , and Russian Grand Duchess Grand (10 years older)

Awards (49)

Awarded Knight third class of the order of St. Vladimir , awarded Order of St. Vladimir, 1st class , awarded Order of St. George in 1840 , awarded Order of the Netherlands Lion in 1817 , awarded Knight Grand Cross of the Military Order of William in 1826 ,

What was Nicholas's zodiac sign?

Nicholas I of Russia zodiac sign was cancer.

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