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Lance Armstrong, 48 American professional road racing cyclist
Chris Froome, 35 Road bicycle racer
Fränk Schleck, 40 Road bicycle racer
Carter Jones, 31 American racing cyclist
Jake Kelly, 30 Footballer
Iván Moreno, 24 Spanish motorcycle racer
Ben Greenwood, 35 English racing cyclist
Julio César Herrera, 43 Cuban racing cyclist
Francisco Cerezo, 49 Spanish racing cyclist
Carlos Oquendo, 32 Colombian racing cyclist
Daniel Martínez, 63 Uruguayan politician
Adam Hansen, 39 Road bicycle racer
Johan Svensson, 40 Footballer
Rachel Atherton, 32 English racing cyclist
Angie González, 39 Venezuelan cyclist
Tim Judge, 56 American bicycle motocross rider
Enrique Campos, 59 Venezuelan cyclist
Anna Meares, 36 Australian racing cyclist
Edwin Sánchez, 36 Salvadoran footballer
Alastair Humphreys, 43 English cyclist adventurer author and motivational speaker
Dylan Page, 26 American professional basketball player
Maarten Ducrot, 62 Road bicycle racer
Brett Banasiewicz, 25 BMX Rider
Lucy Kennedy, 44 Irish broadcaster
Amy Roberts, 25 Racing cyclist
Rui Costa, 48 Footballer
Josh Bryceland, 30 English racing cyclist
Nigel Sylvester, 32 American bicycle motocross rider Bmx
D.D. Leone, 54 Bicycle motocross rider
René Jørgensen, 44 Danish racing cyclist
Daniela Larreal, 46 Venezuelan cyclist
Chris Witty, 45 American racing cyclist
Ian Chapman, 80 English footballer
Richard Lamb, 66 Cyclist
Shanaze Reade, 31 English bicycle motocross rider and track cyclist
Eduardo Chozas, 60 Road bicycle racer
Joey Bradford, 30 American bicycle motocross rider
Stefany Hernandez, 29 Venezuelan racing cyclist
Jessica Allen, 27 Racing cyclist
Caroline Buchanan, 29 Australian racing cyclist
Rachel James, 32 Racing cyclist
Koichi Nakano, 64 Japanese cyclist
Ian Talbot, 43 Rugby league player
André Carvalho, 22 Footballer
François Parisien, 38 Canadian racing cyclist
Roberto Vacchi, 54 Swedish-Italian racing cyclist and commentator
Wendy Cruz, 44 Dominican Republic male cyclist
Annette Edmondson, 28 Cyclist
Luis Toro, 94 Cyclist
Ashleigh Moolman, 34 South African racing cyclist